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The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

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Owning a home is an exciting adventure. It also comes with plenty of responsibility. You’re now in charge of the complete maintenance of your property. That means you have to be prepared to keep up your home during all seasons. And even though spending the weekends doing chores around your house may not be the most exciting activity, it’s necessary to protect your investment. Maintenance is so much more than fixing problems as they crop up, you’re also responsible for trying to stop the issues from happening in the first place.

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You want your home to be a place you are truly proud of, a place where you can have company over and raise a beautiful family. You’ve also spent a lot of money to own your home, typically paying off a mortgage for decades. Maintaining your property ensures its value doesn’t exponentially decrease over time. There’s plenty to do to around your home, so be sure you’re staying on track. Whether you’re a regular handyman or a complete novice, here is your ultimate checklist to home maintenance.


A lot of home improvement projects may be huge undertakings, but there are small things you should be doing weekly just to check-in before disaster strikes. Weekly home maintenance is essentially chores and small tasks that shouldn’t take up a ton of time. Here are a few of the simple things you should be doing weekly or bi-weekly:

  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning the stovetops
  • Emptying lint from the dryer
  • Dusting
  • Mowing the lawn

Home maintenance is beyond your interior, in fact, there is plenty to do outside as well. Mowing the lawn every week is just the beginning. Perhaps you need to regrow grass or pull weeds. If you have a pet, cleaning up after them is important, too. If dealing with dog poop isn’t your style, you can hire a residential pet waste removal service that guarantees a poop-free yard to keep your family and pets healthy and safe. They can even do this at a low price of less than $15 a week.



Once you have your basic chores down, there are a few tasks to focus on each month. Don’t worry, a lot of these tasks are just checking in with your systems to make sure they’re functioning properly. Walk around your house, check the HVAC unit, observe your chalk and grout, check smoke detectors, look for leaks in your plumbing. Just your basic steps to again, avoid disaster before it strikes.

Your home has multiple appliances that you use on a daily basis. From the refrigerator to the washing machine to your stove to your heating system, you want to be sure they’re all in working order. If you ever find a serious issue, consult a professional appliance repair company. Dealing with heavy machinery requires practiced hands that are factory trained and certified. In Oregon, the experts at Bend appliance repair have experience with all appliances and can get yours back up and running in no time.



Each season brings different threats to the safety of your home. Be prepared for each and monitor what projects are best to tackle during different seasons. For example, if you’re looking to start a concrete coating project to strengthen your floors, know what time will be best. Coating the basement floors will be best during the winter when not a lot is possible to do outside, but if you want to work on your pool deck or garage floor, you’ll want to wait till spring or summer.

Here’s a basic checklist of other maintenance you should perform during each season.


  • Deep cleaning
  • Check the Sump Pump
  • Watch for frozen pipes


  • Outdoor maintenance
  • Clean the gutters
  • HVAC checks
  • Clean the exterior and paint
  • Inspect the roof


  • Wash the fences
  • Garden and landscape
  • Plan for heat and bugs
  • Water the grass


  • Clean gutters (again)
  • Check boiler and heat systems
  • Eliminate window and door drafts
  • Rake leaves
  • Check the chimney





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