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The Water Damage Restoration Process

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Water Damage can be a very challenging issue. It can happen anywhere and at any point in time. Water damage can occur due to leakage in the pipe, bursting of an internal pipe, or a flood hits your areas. The issue with water damage is that it damages everything which comes in its path. These things can carry a lot of emotional sentiments for you.

Restoration must be done to tackle the situation and tackle the problem and restore its original condition. This blog guides you to the restoration process, which one must follow during water damage. 

1) Drain the water

Start by removing the water from the premises. It is crucial to remove the water within the first 24-48 hours. After that, you can remove the water manually or use pumps depending on the amount of water on the premises.

Removing water with the help of a bucket is tiring and is a slow process. Thus, it is advisable to use an electric, gas or wet pump to remove the water. Such a system can suck the smallest amount of water from all the places.

Timing is the key. The quicker the water is out, the lesser the damage will be. You can even hire a professional water restoration company that can carry out the task for you. 

2) Drying the place is important 

After removing water, you should dry the place entirely to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold. To dry the area, open all the windows and door so that fresh air and sunlight can enter the premises. Sunlight will kill all the microbes in the house.

Open all the fans as well.
You should install dehumidifiers as well to dry out the place quickly. Anything which remains wet for more than 48 hours has a higher risk of mold growth. You must remove the carpeting, insulation, furniture, drywall and other things so that the water is removed from there. 

3) Cleaning the place

After removing the water, you need to identify which things are salvageable and throw the rest. The things that have been in the water for more than 48 hours are not fit for use any further.

Please dispose of the food items as they have a possibility of causing an infection. It would help if you also threw all the water carpeting, electric equipment as they are probably of no use further. Clothes, Shoes, Utensils that are not spoiled or worn out can be kept in the sun to dry up completely.

4) Assessment of the damage

It would help if you had an assessment of the place before moving back into it. There are chances that some damages might not be visible from the outside but exist inside. You should hire a professional water restoration company for this purpose as they specialize in tools and techniques to identify such damages.

They can share the complete process with you, and then you can start the restoration process according to it. 

5) Hire a restoration company and start the repair

After the assessment, start with the restoration work as per the recommendation. You may need to re-install the carpeting, flooring, structure damage, and furniture.

A professional water restoration company can tackle the situation properly for you, and with tools like a handyman app, they have the expertise and knowledge to resolve the issue. A good company will solve all your problems.

6) Ready to move back in

Once the restoration process is complete and you have received the necessary authorization from the required department, then you can ready to move back into your house.

Last few words!

The water restoration process is long, and you need to be patient and calm throughout the process. A qualified restoration company can smoothen the process for you.
Keep in mind that whenever you hire a company, you check all the relevant details such as the response time, testimonials, success ratio, previous projects, and most importantly, the company's experience.  





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