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7 Things You Need To Repair For A Quick House Sale

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A great deal of the wear and tear that occurs in your home throughout the years are easy to miss. However, when you begin to consider selling your house, all the needed fixes become glaringly obvious. You inevitably come to take notice of all the issues you need to fix and clean. Keeping your house in decent shape is vital in gaining huge profits when you finally decide to sell.

Prospective buyers commonly look for houses that require little to no repairs. Moreover, you don't want to find yourself dealing with a failed deal due to a problem the buyers can't handle. Remember that a few fixings can save you from the agony of watching a buyer walk out.


Everybody likes a big, spacious kitchen equipped with new appliances. Presently, your kitchen will not likely live up to be the "dream kitchen" without making massive upgrades, which is not financially practical. It's better not to renovate your kitchen completely unless your agent is confident that they can get your money back through the sale. Nonetheless, you can take on minor fixes that will help your kitchen look more welcoming.

If the countertops, painting, and lighting are all outdated, you can opt to switch them out without having to overspend. With regards to appliances, prospective buyers will expect them to work correctly. Thus, if they are not working correctly, you may need to replace them to appeal to your buyers. You also need to consider your kitchen cabinets. Changing out knobs and handles to a silver or brass finish can help improve the appearance of your cabinets.



One of the most common deal-breakers in a house sale is an old dirty bathroom. It is a no-brainer to clean the bathroom for an open house. However, you still need to do a few more fixes aside from polishing the bathroom floor. You need to make sure that the showerhead and the exhaust vent are working correctly.

Make sure that the bathroom drains are also free of clogs and that you replace any broken tiles. Unfortunately, selling a house with a below-average bathroom is quite tricky. Thus, you need to work with efficient third-party sellers, like, to close the deal.



The quality and state of your floor can directly affect the value of your house. If you can only afford to improve one critical part of your house, choose to upgrade your flooring. A house's flooring takes a big part in its entire appeal. Fortunately, there are a lot of cost-effective options you can consider. New flooring can effectively change the appearance of your home and give it the aesthetic factor that purchasers want.



Paint is one of the least expensive and most straightforward approaches to improve your home's appearance before you sell it. Also, you do not need to be an expert to paint your house. You only need to watch a couple of tutorials online, purchase your paint, and get down to business! Remember that neutral or lighter tones are better since they generally appeal to the vast majority.

You won't know the exact personal preferences of the buyers; thus, it's a good idea to maintain a basic styling. You do not need to paint the entire house. Simply prioritize the areas that need repainting. Spaces with chipped, dirty, or dark paint should be your priority. If your home uses wallpaper, it is better to remove all of it to sell your house for a higher price. Wallpaper makes a house look older and usually puts off potential buyers.



You need to ensure that the roof does not have any missing or broken tiles, ridge caps, or shingles since it protects your house from water damage. Fix any issues you spot right away, like bubbles, cracks, and blisters on the sealant. Next, take care of any problems with the underlayment, which is the material under the roof tiles or shingles. Interior water damage may result in a leak, so you need to contact a professional once you see any.

Aside from the roof itself, you also need to make sure that the eaves are in good condition. The eaves are the roof's edges that overhang the outside wall. Decay and water damage mustn’t affect the eaves. You may have to employ a contractor to switch out damaged boards.


Exterior Drainage

The drains on the house, alongside the bushes, are there for a significant reason. Gutters keep water far from the foundation of the house and forestall erosion. You'll know if you need to fix your house's outer drainage if you can spot trouble spots like wet stains in the cellar or spongy soil close to the house's foundation. The main issues to inspect are the downspouts and the general state of the drains.

Thoroughly clean each gutter alongside the downspouts. If a clogged gutter is not the problem, it may be a case of a wrong yard layout. Shrubs and trees set in incorrect spots or a slant of the actual yard can cause significant seepage issues. Consult with a landscape expert and see how you can fix these issues before putting your home up for sale.



If you're fortunate, your house's foundation problems will only be minor, brought about by it naturally settling over the long run. However, immediate fixes to a foundation are commonly expensive, excluding the additional expenses like slab jacking and hiring a structural engineer.

If your house has serious foundation issues, odds are you've already been noticing the effects of the damage. A few indications of foundation issues are:

  • skewed floors;
  • doors and windows that don't close properly;
  • breaks in your interior walls;
  • gaps above cupboards;
  • noticeable cracks in the outer foundation

Foundation fixes are essential. A seriously damaged foundation weakens the house's structural durability, which can blow your chances of ever selling your house.


To Wrap It Up

While you can't invest much time and money for large-scale renovations, you can still handle any simple fixes that may put off potential buyers. It is also essential to invest in a couple of small-scale upgrades that will improve your home.