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Great Tips For Keeping Your Residential Drainage System Clean And Functional

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Homeowners spend a lot of time repairing and maintaining the various systems under their roofs. If you want to keep your home water damage-free, you need to focus on keeping your plumbing system in good working order. While the average residential plumbing system has a number of different components, none are as important as the drains. Making sure the flow of water from your drains to your septic or sewage system is unobstructed should be a main priority, see EasyMerchant for more information.

In the past year, nearly 28% of homeowners have hired plumbing professionals to address drainage issues. Are you looking for tips on how to keep your residential drainage system clean and functional? If so, here are some things you need to consider.


Invest in Preventative Cleaning

Over time, the drains in your home will collect a lot of debris. Eventually, this debris can clog the drains and lead to them overflowing. Rather than waiting until these clogs cause problems to take action, you need to realize the importance of preventative drain cleaning. The best way to ensure these cleanings are performed properly is by working with professionals.

Working with a reputable drain cleaning service is a great way to remove any build-up and debris from your drain lines. During this routine cleaning, these professionals will also be able to inspect the various components of your drainage system. If they find problems like cracked drain lines or a full septic tank, they can address them quickly. By catching these common drainage problems early on, you can reduce the amount of damage they cause.  


Get a Plumbing Snake

Minor drain clogs are something that every homeowner will encounter at one time or another. Being prepared when these problems occur can help you fix them quickly and correctly. When one of your drainage pipes gets clogged, the right tool can make repairing it a breeze.

A plumbing snake is a flexible metal or plastic rod that is designed to go down a drain. When used correctly, a plumbing snake allows you to free the obstruction on your drain lines. If you encounter an obstruction that can’t be removed with this handy tool, then you should contact a plumber for help. A plumber will have the tools needed to free this obstruction.

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Use Chemical Drain Cleaners Sparingly

Reaching for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner every time you encounter a clog is a bad idea. While this chemical cleaner can help you free an obstruction on your drain, it can also do damage to the bacteria in your septic tank. IF you use chemicals regularly to clear your drains, the good bacteria that break down solids in your septic tank will start to disappear. This is why you need to use these chemicals sparingly.

Instead of trying to fix every drain problem you encounter, you need to have a trusted plumber on speed dial. Paying for this professional help is worth it considering the problems a plumber can help you avoid. 







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