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5 Tips For Parents To Take Care Of Your Baby In The Rainy Season

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After the irritating hot summer days, the rainy season brings just like heavenly perceptions. And, everywhere reviving new lives make nature amazing. 

But, have you ever thought about the other effects like damp and moist weather; especially, when you have a baby. This abrupt change in weather causes fluctuations in temperature and which results in the flu and cold. Your baby is not out of this atmosphere. Moreover, it’s more effective for infants.

If you are concerned and seeking solutions, our empirical ideas will provide you the best guide. When we talk about baby care, we especially focus on monsoon caring. Because of it brings much health issues. For that, we have pointed out 5 issues and also their recovering tips in front of you that will give you the best idea about your infant's caring. 

Keep Baby clean

Cleanness is the first condition to keep your baby healthy and hygiene. Especially, when we are highlighting damp rainy weather, we have to ensure his/her dryness. Extra humidity on the weather can cause sweating, so wipe your baby regularly to remove sweat.

Pay heed to caring armpits, ears, and genitals as the folds and joints retain moisture and that may cause infection. Sponging his/her body with a towel regularly will solve your issue. But our advice would be to keep his/her bathing regularly at noon or thrice a week.

If you’re using nappies, regular changes should be in mind. Ensure that you use the best cloth nappies. And, if you are using talcum powder to dry your baby, you must use the baby adaptable product. And, be aware of using in sensitive areas, because it may go inside the baby's lungs and that can cause asphyxia.


Keep Home Clean

Rainy season bring humidity and increasing humidity in the atmosphere makes the home dumpy. Molds or fungus grow up and that causes the spreading of diseases. So that, do use disinfectant to clean your floors twice or thrice, in a week to prevent diseases. Also, makes sure about home and outside cleaning like a garden, balcony, or anywhere accumulating water. No water astringent should happen in or around the house. Clean your washroom regularly, cause washroom is the storage of bacteria and spreading diseases happens from here. And, shoe racks should be kept on the porch to avoid wet shoes indoors. 


Assure Mosquito-Free Environment

Plenty of insects exerted during the Rainy season, especially the mosquito. Water accumulates in-home sides tin boxes, containers, broken buckets which is one of the reasons for mosquito breeding. Mosquito biting is extremely painful for infants and can leave puffed red marks.

Make sure to envelop your baby’s bed with a mosquito net. Also, mesh nets over the windows to make an effective impact on mosquito entry. Use mosquito repulsion which contains natural ingredients, otherwise it can cause coughing to the baby.

Parents Tab advice that to please be covered with stroller rainy cover when going outside with baby. It will save your baby from rain as well as mosquito. Be averse to evening time, walking as this is the time of spreading mosquitoes. Use full-sleeved clothes if you carry him/her out. And be sincere about home side unusual accumulating water.


Ensure nutritious baby food

If you have a week or month old baby, there would be no alternative to breast milk. But in the case of the infants who are taking extra feeding, must be focused on nutrient supplements like omega 3 as well as fresh boiled water. Since, the days are gloomy and moisture in the atmosphere, it directly impacts on babies' physical health. And that causes dehydration, food poisoning, etc. But, you could not think how worse it would be especially when humidity rises.  So, during this time, juicy fruits, boiled water, and homemade liquid foods would be the best choice. You can also try baby foods like this organic sweet potato & spinach baby food pouch from Serenity Kids. Those will increase his/her immunity and keep healthy. 


Medical Guidance           

During the rainy season, sudden changes in weather cause flu, catching a cold, and fever etc common diseases. But, if it happens to the newborn, just guess about the situation. And if we talk about their immunity, Are they strong enough to get rid of? 

So, it’ll be ideal to ensure all necessary vaccines before the Rainy season begins. And if not possible, try to ensure the typhoid vaccine and flu vaccine at least. Fundamental and doctor’s recommended medicines should be in hand. First-aid should also be ready for frequent treatments. However, remember that you must not give any medicine to your baby without consulting with his/her health advisor.  



Finally, as human beings, we have to live in nature. And, it’s a truth that we could not avoid natural fatality. But that doesn’t mean we could not try to prevent it. First, We have to find out fundamental issues that baby faces in rainy season. And then following our suggested tips will guide you eventually. In the end, as a parent, you are the best buddy of his/her. And, you have to take the best care for her. Don’t be worried, and be careful in this season and follow the criteria you have got.







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