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Tips For Relocating To Another State After A Divorce

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When you get a divorce, you legally end your marriage. There are many reasons people get divorced. You could have learned your spouse was having an affair and decided to end the marriage. Perhaps you’ve drifted apart and decided it’s best to go your separate ways.

Getting a divorce can be emotionally taxing. Moving is also stressful. When you add in the complexities of moving to another state, relocating after a divorce can be difficult. The tips outlined here can reduce the stress of a post-divorce move and help you settle in your new home state.

Address child custody issues.



Divorces affect millions of children. Custody orders determine where children under the age of 18 live. In some cases, one parent may have sole custody. Other parents may have shared custody. Custody orders determine both physical and legal custody. Parents must agree on education and health care issues when they share joint legal custody. Suppose one parent has sole legal custody. They may override the other parent’s wishes and make legal decisions for their child.

The nature of your custody arrangement may determine whether you need a minor travel consent form before leaving your current state. These forms authorize one parent to transport their child across state lines. Travel consent forms for minors can prevent misunderstandings leading to kidnapping charges. Even a parent with sole legal custody can simplify the process of relocating by carrying a copy of a travel consent form with their custody order when moving.

The non-custodial parent may also need a travel consent form when their child travels for custodial visitation. Suppose a child’s father lives in Maryland, but their mother moves to Virginia. The child may need to cross state lines to spend holidays with their father. Depending on the distance between the parents, the child may cross state lines on weekends throughout the year. Having transit and custodial paperwork in order can simplify transfers between homes.

Turn to professionals who can simplify your move.

Find a real estate agent in the state you’re moving to and work with them to find your new home. Real estate agents help clients find properties to rent. They’ll review the terms of the lease and ensure everything’s finalized before you move. Real estate agents also help clients find properties to buy. Whether you’re looking for a condo, townhouse, or single-family home, a local real estate agent can provide you with expert tips about the neighborhoods you’re considering and help you find the right property for your family.

Hire a professional moving company. When you work with top movers in Maryland, a personal move coordinator will oversee every stage of the moving process. They’ll identify your needs and create a schedule. Perhaps you plan to ship some belongings ahead of your move and keep them in storage. Your move coordinator will ensure moving professionals arrive when expected and have the materials needed to pack belongings. They’ll transfer your possessions to a moving vehicle and put your items in a storage unit until you’re ready to have them moved to your new home.

Expert movers will also pack your belongings and transport them directly to your new home. Once there, pro movers unload the moving trucks and place your items inside your home as directed. When you use a moving company, you don’t have to worry about buying packing supplies, packing your possessions, renting a vehicle, loading the vehicle, driving to your new home, and unpacking your belongings. Hiring a moving company eliminates most of those steps, making your move as stress-free as possible.

You may choose to find a therapist in your new home state. Counselors help people process stressful life events, such as divorce. They can also help you cope with relocation stress. Seeing a therapist can help you refocus on building your new life and identify ways to achieve personal goals.

Getting a divorce and moving are both stressful life events. Legal documents and professional service providers can simplify your post-divorce move, reducing your stress and helping you focus on building a new life in your new home.







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