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Why A Big Brake Kit Is Used?

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car brakes

car brakes

Charge your car with our Big Brake Kit, which supports the look and feel of your car. When you upgrade your car’s stock parts to make them work better and faster, you need an impressive slow-moving way where all the parts work together to help you stand up quickly without stressing your frame.

Brake Drivers

The caliper brake is the biggest pressure behind your way of reducing (or rather, stopping power). Drivers press the cushions against the rotors to slow down their tires. In the event that your drivers and rotors are not adequate, it will set aside a great deal of effort for your car to stop. Our drivers take it seriously to prevent a quick break from speeding.


Brake Pads and Brake Rotors

More importantly, all the impressive brake cushions perform better in all weather conditions. The most notable rotor brakes are resistant to pressure without too much heat, so they are very durable and offer a few miles in a standard frame.


Enormous and Powerful

Our Big Brake Kits are enormous and incredible. The bolt-on plan makes for the simple establishment, albeit stock wheels may not be sufficiently enormous to oblige these brakes (greater wheels or spacers might be required). You might demand a format to affirm the fitment of your wheels. R1 Concepts isn't obligated for wheel fitment.


M0st Commonly Big Brake Kits are



The Procomp Big Brake Kit is a complex brake kit designed to increase the strength of the brakes under extremely hot temperatures. All applicants highlight a single improvement from the solid billet of a lightweight aluminum aircraft, unmatched strength, and independence in use.

 Calipers also feature aluminum cylinders that provide better heat insulation and better performance. The Procomp Big Brake framework is designed for easy installation with non-essential equipment required for most systems.



Our most shocking update, the Supercomp Big Brake Kit is intended to provide the most important level of power suspension without the need for a car change to be introduced. This redesigned bolt-brake update incorporates the same benefits of our Procomp package but includes larger steels, rotors, and brake cushions, such as extended cylinders and full-featured rotors for the better caliper.



Scheduled for Drifting and Rally Racing, the brand new Ksport Dualcomp Big Brake Kit is a clear feature throughout the Dual Caliper system. The frame uses a single 4 Pot caliper, with 2 jars used to tie the foot and 2 pots used for hand brakes - each running independently from the other in its frame. For those looking for a guaranteed brake pack for Rally Racing or Circuit Drive, the Dualcomp Big Brake Kit is the right choice.



The discovery of fitted tires in-plant vehicles has never been more widely known. Most of the time, large units of after-sales brakes do not work with this style. The brakes and brakes do not fit snugly between the large brakes and behind the wheel. Ksport encouraged Slimline Caliper to release the issue, a strategy based on OEM single-side coasting cylinder caliper thickness.

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