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Tips on Choosing the Best CCTV Security Camera System

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cctv hard disc

cctv hard disc

A home security system allows you to capture footage of the place you want to monitor, be it your office or house. These systems will enable you to see the monitored facilities from anywhere in the world using the internet, helping to make security decisions immediately. A CCTV security camera system also allows motion-based capturing that will only activate the camera when any motion is detected, thus sending you the security signal you need.

Benefits of CCTV camera system

A well-positioned security system is all you need for the proper surveillance of your house or office. While on the one hand, it can deter criminals from making any move against your facility; on the other hand, outdoor cameras can help law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order by capturing the footage of nearby facilities. With smartphone monitoring, you can see your business in real-time by sitting far behind, monitoring your employees, or a threat that always puts your business environment at risk. Hence, using a CCTV security camera system can be used both for deterrence purposes or helping law enforcement agencies conduct their investigations.



Ranging from residential homes to offices, a CCTV security camera system can be used at any place where you perceive any threat. Most of the time, they are used as protective measures to deter any potential criminal. Hence they can be used at any place a person can imagine. Nowadays, they are also becoming omnipresent on roads to introduce e-surveillance systems and make traffic operations smoother. Not only this, but these systems can also be used in public places, cinemas, and shopping malls to improve the overall security infrastructure.


Tips before buying

But whenever you are going to buy a CCTV security camera system, you must be aware of some crucial things in order to make the best decision.


● Pan/Tilt

The maximum angles that the CCTV security camera system can cover by rotating horizontally and vertically are called Pan and tilt, respectively. As a matter of fact, more rotation of cameras means better footage, so you must make sure that your CCTV security camera system has more pan and tilt to enhance your surveillance experience.

cctv security

cctv security

● Image Quality:

Modern-day CCTV security camera systems can record footage in 720 p and 1080 p. However, it means that you need more storage to save this footage. Hence you have to make a trade-off between image quality and storage available to you. One of the biggest advantages of having good image quality is that it gives you detailed insights about the footage, making your experience better.


● Waterproof:

Outdoor security cameras need to be waterproof in case they get wet due to rain outside. Hence waterproof cameras help you to continue monitoring your places without any operational hurdles.


● Number of Infra-Red LEDs in the camera

The more the Infra-Red LEDs are located in your cameras, the better the image and video quality in your CCTV security camera system will be. These lights are specifically installed for nights because they provide the vision for the nighttime recording. Hence, you must consider these factors, especially if you are trying to capture the footage at night.



Smonet's SMUS-W8

Offering a 24/7 surveillance facility, the Smonet security camera system provides 1080 p video streaming with storage capabilities of 1 TB and 2 TB according to your needs. With the Smonet app, you can view the real-time video of the camera system anywhere, which will keep you informed about the happenings. By providing an HD video with low bandwidth, the Smonet camera helps you save video storage space, and hence the cost needed to add extra storage. Water-proofing, clear night vision, and motion detection are just some of the features that make this camera unique and set it apart from others.



Starting in 2002, Smonet is providing surveillance solutions to those who are seeking the protection of their homes, offices, or any other commercial or public locality. With incredible customer support, it helps you in solving any systematic glitch that may arise during operational activities. Over the course of two decades, Smonet has successfully managed to dominate the surveillance markets by providing incredible solutions to customers' needs. Ranging from security cameras to smart locks, they are ready to help you out in making your surroundings safe and secure. With continuous technology updates, they ensure that they comply with the latest market practices and modern-day needs to avoid any hacker attempts on these systems.







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