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10 Tips Painting In Stairwells And Other Tight Spaces!

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stair ladder

stair ladder

People who live in a two (and more)-story house are well-acquainted with the trouble of painting the tight spaces, especially in stairwells. It is easy to face this problem, having hope only for the house painter. But, what if we say that you can paint all your rooms without any help? Would it be the easiest way? We cannot assure you, but we believe that you will open a lot of interesting things for yourself.

Painting in stairwells and other tight spaces is a major challenge. People think they cannot do anything and hopefully wait for the master. Just free your imagination and read the following tips on how to paint the tight spaces easily. Take a brush and go on!

1. Look around the room

The first step is preparation for the work. It is valuable to look around the room to gain an understanding of the total area of the place to work with, to estimate the material needed, and just to prepare the definite place for the work.


2. Gather all the necessary equipment

Do an accurate assembling of the place to be painted. Your careful overlook plays an important role in your purchases. But still, there is a list of some basic equipment for you to start making your home cozier and better-looking. Anyway, stick to your budget.

  • Dry and wet wipes and rags
  • Old newspapers or paper
  • Extension ladder
  • A pivot ladder box
  • Gooseneck brush
  • Wool roller
  • Masks, drop cloths.


3. Clean up the paint space

The right preparation can make a significant contribution to the whole process of painting. You should clean up the room and prepare all tools needed. We insist on having your carpets and floors protected with proper masking to solve the problem of surface contamination.

ladder for painting

ladder for painting

Moreover, you should sterile the paint surface using the sanding. Some tubs of spackle include the sanding, but if your tub doesn’t, then you need to buy it separately.


4. Selecting the ladder

There are plenty of different tools for the painting in some tight spaces for a normal price ($5-$10). Some people are happy to use an extension pole, but our friendly piece of advice is to buy a quality ladder. Each extension ladder has its easy-to-read manual, which uses are to follow. Read this instruction before using the ladder. It will help you prevent making awful mistakes.



5. Make the usage safe

To avoid any risks and harms for your health, you may buy a pivot ladder box to level the ladder on stairs. This box is made by pivot and is designated to work with roofs or stairs steps or any uneven surfaces, even the ground. It has got some non-slip rubber on it, which makes it convenient. In the case you are working outdoors, you have an opportunity to pick any ladder stabilizer.

So, firstly you should put a box on the stairs, and then set the ladder on it. In such a way, the ladder will hold firm, and the risks of damage will be reduced.


6. Which color to choose?

We recommend you don’t use any dark or accent color for painting if you want to avoid any challenges trying to layout your wall and get a proper finish. Do not pay attention to our advice in case the dark color is part of the whole composition and design. Nowadays, it is popular to select among trendy colors such as white, navy, brown, grey, nude, and others.


7. Start with the ceiling

When you have the floor protected, use your ladder for climbing and doing the ceiling cut ends. Don’t forget to use high-quality paint with no flashing. Some experienced specialists advise using a gooseneck brush to do cut ends. It is easy-to-use by the fact it bends. By the way, there are a lot of models of little edger gadgets that fit almost all extension poles. This device can help you cut and trim without any difficulties.

man painting

man painting

 8. It is time for a wool roller

When you have the ceiling cuttings done, you can start rolling the walls from top to bottom. Some people like to use an extension pole; some others prefer to use a handle brush. It depends on the feelings and convenience in using. Whatever you select, do it, paying special attention to your comfort and ability to control the tool. Remember that it is extremely necessary to organize and do all your work the way you don’t have to put ladders on wet paint.


9. When everything is dry

The moment you have been waiting for is when the ceiling and all the walls are painted and dry. There is a time for contenting the room with all necessities: pictures, clocks, photo frames, some vents, and some other things that were up high. You may meet the need for a screw and an ax or drill. Be careful and do not rush.


10. Do the final cleanup

Your patience, diligence, and creativity are the key factors influencing not only the process of the repair but the outcome. When the ceiling is cut, the walls are painted, and everything is dry, you can start doing the final cleanup. Some people feel free to order some cleaning services. But, if you find it easy to clean your house alone, then take a rub and wet it. Don’t forget to remove all the floor and carpet protectors. 


To sum it up

Every person desires to live in a cozy house. And sometimes, there is a need to fix or repair something at home to feel more convenient there. Usually, exactly minor repairs can change the room beyond recognition. The fundamental principle of successful painting in Stairwells and other tight spaces is to follow a certain instruction, be patient, and love what you do. If you want to succeed, put some feeling into it. By the way, we recommend you don’t skimp and buy high-quality equipment, tools, and especially paints. These things have a strong impact on the result and help you avoid any troubles while working: redoing and repainting. You are proposed to follow these 10 tips above to make your house well-designed. Wish you good luck!







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