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How To Keep Your Dog Happy?

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Dogs are genuinely happy to be around you. No matter what breed, size, or shape, dogs make a lovable and loyal pet. As a pet parent, you must do all you can to protect your pup, keep it happy and healthy. Here are some friendly and straightforward tips to keep your furball always nourished and more comfortable. 

Feed Your Dog High Quality Pet Food

Dogs, big and small, need the best kind of food. Some dogs may be used to eating human food, but there are some disadvantages to this. Dogs may not tolerate most of the food we eat, especially preservatives, spices, and food additives we use in cooking. Your pet may suffer from digestive problems and allergies to human dishes.  

To ensure a healthy and happy pet, feed your dog correctly-formulated dog food as this contains the right ingredients for good health and Perfect Poop's resource. There are also dog food products for young and senior dogs, pregnant dogs, and sick pets. If you're unsure about the kind of dog food to give your pet, consult your vet. Remember, a healthy dog is a happy pet.  

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Train Your Pet Early

As early as you take your pet home, train it in simple house-proofing skills. Show where it has to go to eat or drink, and where it can sleep. Housebreaking and potty training are extremely important stages in a puppy’s growth. Dogs are like most pets; they feel safer and happier when they follow specific orders and schedules. After a few days of simple indoor training, you can pick it up a notch and let your pet learn how to walk on a leash, how to come when called and how to behave with other pets and family members. Early training and visiting allpetslife.com will help you raise a well-behaved and happy dog. Your dog can remove the stress you're feeling.


Make Regular Visits to the Vet

Bring your pup to the vet for its regular vaccinations and deworming. These will help prevent illness, which will massively affect its energy and daily routines. Let your dog develop a good relationship with the vet, so he'll look forward to future clinic visits.  


Play With Your Pet Often

Dogs, no matter how young or old, love to play, and pretty soon, you'll discover what your pet's favorite toy or game is. Some dogs are built to run, so they will be more likely to love games that let them run, like fetch or catch. On the other hand, Some dogs love the water and would love to play catch and retrieve in the water. Meanwhile, some dogs may not have a lot of energy but would love to play simple games with simple toys like a chew toy, a stuffed doll or animal, etc. Playing with your pet also helps you develop trust.  


Let Your Dog Socialize

Your pet should have a walk or play date with other dogs as well. It will help them develop good manners, especially when meeting new dogs outdoors. You can start by taking it to the park to meet other pets, or how about an afternoon at the beach where it could also meet other dogs? Don't forget to bring some snacks, cold water, and some toys that it could share with his new friends.  


Regular Walks and Exercise

Like people, dogs need regular exercise to keep them healthy and fit. Having a dog can also help you become motivated to exercise or do outdoor activities. So while you're at it, go for a walk or a run with your pet. 

If you have a runner, ride a bike or go rollerblading with your pet. But make sure to go on walks or exercise in a safe and pet-friendly area. Place your pet on a leash and always bring water and food the same way you would carry your water and snacks when you go for a run.  


Use Proper Dog Toys and Chew Toys

Dogs need to chew to help them grow healthy and strong teeth and gums. When this is overlooked, your pet may chew your slippers, furniture, toys, or your carpet instead! Also, uncontrollable chewing is a sign of boredom, and this is not good for dogs.  

You can ease this by offering good quality, durable, and indestructible chew toys. Also, inspect your pet's toys as often as you can. Throw away toys that are starting to fall apart or are wearing down as your pet may ingest small parts.  


Celebrate Milestones

Dogs love attention, and the more you shower them with attention and affection, the happier they are. Dedicated dog owners celebrate milestones with their pets with simple celebrations like a cupcake with icing and candles for your pet's birthday. Celebrate holidays with festive costumes like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, or Thanksgiving Day.  


Let Your Dog Feel That It is a Part of the Family

Dogs love to be with their owners, and they treat their owners' families as their family as well. Some dogs even treat their owner's children as their younger siblings and tend to be over-protective. Cherish this kind of behavior as your dog will protect you and your family with his life.  

Take your pet on vacations, family car rides, and movie nights. During holidays and events, make your pet a part of the preparations. Don't just dismiss your dog; lock him up when visitors come by. Train him to behave and to be kind to family and your friends.  


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 

Like people, dogs also need time to rest and recuperate. As what people say, "let sleeping dogs lie." Give your pet a friendly, safe, dry, and comfy spot to sleep. Let him sleep to his heart's content. Most dogs sleep deeply while others lightly. Some dogs may even prefer to sleep on your bed.  

You might have your list of ways to keep your dog happy as each dog is different. Some dogs feel comfortable when they eat their favorite food, while some go on a car ride. Whatever makes your pet happy, let it have it. After all, your best buddy deserves only the best.  







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