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5 Unique Home Decoration Ideas

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We've all been pent up in our homes lately for a bit longer than we expected. By now, you've probably noticed how your custom rubber molding for your technology devices may be peeling off or that perhaps it's time for your living room to get a makeover. Since being in lockdown due to the worldwide Corona virus pandemic, you may be noticing a few areas of the house that are in need of some TLC. Here are five unique home decoration ideas.

1. Update your bathroom.



If you're looking at one room, in particular, to update, most homeowners usually gravitate towards their bathroom. Before you get ahead of your DYI project it is important that you figure out exactly what bathroom you would like. Since washrooms can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes chances are you become a bit overwhelmed. Most people do not change the type of bathroom they already have like a half bath, a full bath, or a wet bathroom. If you have a small half bath you could choose to transform it into part of the master bath by borrowing some closet space. You can also go for the Tampa bathroom remodel and put in a skylight for those nights where you want to look at the stars from your bathtub.


2. Set a Tone



Setting a tone for your home can really end up pulling all your ideas together. For a creative spin why not try making a statement with your front door. Instead of the normal primary colors why not try a beautiful Tiffany blue with a gold door knocker to greet your guests? Red is also considered a lucky color in many cultures and is said to welcome tired travelers when they first arrive at your home. There are two other colors that have become popular for the front door lately — orange and yellow. Both colors are associated with joy.


3. Let the sunshine in.



Natural light is everything! No one wants to be sat in a dark house that is constantly needing the help of artificial lighting. If your windows are feeling a bit run down why not try updating heavy drapes to naked window shutters. Most designers would tell you that window dressings should be functional but graceful. If your home does end up getting a lot of sun, try adding light colors that won’t fade so quickly. You can also layer your lighting. Try to have enough ambient light that will provide the overall illumination that usually comes from ceiling lights.


4. A Cozy Rug

living room

living room

If you have wood floors that you find are a bit too noisy or get cold in the winter, try throwing down an accent rug. An area rug will substantially decrease the noise in your house or apartment. A carpet is naturally quieter to walk across but it also helps absorb noise from the air. Area rugs are great if you have children or pets since they are easy to remove and clean. They also will not cost you a pretty penny if they have to be replaced like wall-to-wall carpet would. When looking at a rug make sure it extends under all the room furniture. It's also important to have fun with your choice, so try a loud color or pattern to really bring some life to the room!


5. Tech it out!

tech room

tech room

If you're tech-savvy, why not incorporate a smart desk into your home? Some even come with built-in coolers for your office happy hour! If you're more low-key than that and really want to elevate your home why not try a really great piece of art. Artwork doesn't just have to be a canvas you nail onto your wall. You can try an integrated seating bookshelf or our personal favorite, a revolving bookcase!







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