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Tips To Care Wheel Bearing Of A Car

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No excuse should be made when it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s wheels. These are some of the most vital organs of your car.  Bearings are the heart of any wheel-system. So in simple words, you should take a lot of care of your car’s wheel bearings.

Luckily, I am here to provide you some tips to care wheel bearing of your car. These are very simple and will give you long-lasting wheel bearings hub assembly. So, keep reading this article if you want to keep your car happy!


What’s Wheel Bearing Do?

In the simplest word, it is the parts that let the wheels rolling. Without these, wheels are good for nothing.


Tips to care wheel bearing

So, let’s jump to the topic. These are some tips that will surely help your car’s wheel bearings to last for a prolonged time and work smoothly as well. If you follow these tips and rules I think you will get the benefits to care of your wheel bearings. So we don’t want’s to waste your valuable time- let’s go the main points.


  • Lubricate routinely 

Wheel bearing consists of many little metal balls that roll inside two layers of bearing. So it is very important to lubricating bearings for long-lasting of it.

Grease and oils are used normally as lubricates. But I prefer you to use oil. It is much thinner than grease and lubricates much batter.


  • Don’t ignore any sounds and vibrations

If you notice little vibration or metal to metal contact noises from the car’s wheel, then check the source immediately. There is a high possibility of bearing being damaged or lacking lubrication. Fix it before your next drive.

Though it can be caused by other parts, they are equally dangerous.


  • Dust and Dirt:

Dirt is the most destructive enemy of a wheel bearing. If dirt gets inside the wheel bearing, it reduces lubrication and increases friction. It can cut the estimated lifetime of bearing into half. So, try to avoid muddy and dusty roads. If somehow dirt gets inside, make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible. Lubricate bearings again if you need so.


  • Don’t put over-weight

Never put more load than your vehicle can handle. It can massively harm your car’s major parts. Driving with overload will surely damage your car’s wheel bearing. If you really love your car, never do this!


  • Never drive with a flat or very low-air tire

This is another issue that can commonly found nowadays. You won’t believe it but there are lots of people who run their car with one flat tire. It not only destroys tires and wheels bearing but also a big threat to the entire vehicle’s lifetime. So, if you care for your wheel bearing never do this.

If you have punched tires in the way, then take out all loads from the car (including passengers, excluding the driver). Then push the car to the nearest garage or just call a tow truck.


  • Diagnose after or before every long trip(optional)

It is not essential. But if you can check the condition of the bearing of your car after every long trip or before it, it can increase the lifetime of bearings a bit longer.


Like I mentioned, bearings roll the wheels. So, you can easily imagine how important these are. If you take good care of bearings of your car, they can easily last more than 110,000 miles. Just follow the tips to care wheel bearing of your car I shared and you will surely have a great result.

Hope the simplest and detailed tips will help you to keep your car happy.


Check additional resources:

Resources like Moto Deets can help with these kinds of questions. They understand the vital importance of caring for the bearings on your vehicle. They’ve had decades of experience with this kind of thing, so they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.






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