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4 Tips To Choosing The Best Air Compressor

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Electric-powered air compressor

Electric-powered air compressor

Air compressors can be good tools for many of your DIY projects. They can also be used for many purposes such as powering your small tools at home or in your business. Many types of air compressors are on sale and as such, it could be quite a task for you to choose what is suitable for your needs. However, if you can research and come up with a list of the top air compressors, then it can be easy for you to buy the best one for your needs. In this article, we shall examine some of the things you need to consider when buying an air compressor for impact wrench.

Here are tips to help you choose the best air compressor for your needs:

1. Choose the Right Size

There are many sizes of compressors that you can buy. As such, you need to choose what is suitable for your needs.  There are consumer-grade compressors that are portable and can be used for small DIY tasks. You can also buy professional-grade compressors that are much larger and can be used when one has multiple tools to power. There are industrial-grade compressors that can be used continuously for many needs or roles. These are more durable and stronger and do not overheat regardless of demand.


2. Consider your power needs

The number of tools or the power of the tools you need to run will determine the strength of the compressor you will need to buy. The output of the compressor is expressed in Cubic Feet per Minute. The higher the CFM your compressor has, the more powerful it is. The pressure of the compressor is measured in Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI). When making this consideration for a compressor, you should be sure of the number of applications you want to run. You can then choose a compressor that has 20 to 30% more power over your needs.


3. Consider an Air Receiver

This is another very important aspect of the air compressor that can determine its use. The air receiver is the tank that stores compressed air. This is connected to the air compressor and allows the removal of particles and moisture, reduces the compressor load, and also prevents pulsation in pressure. The air receivers make the air compressor long-lasting and efficient. Ensure that the air receivers you buy are certified for quality and safety.


4. Space and portability

You may want to buy a compressor that fits the little space you have in your garage. You may also want to buy an air compressor that is portable so that you can move it where it is needed. In this regard, for those with spacious garages, you may want to buy a big air compressor and connect a longer hose to it. This way, you can use it to power more tools or do more powerful jobs. This is more so for people who just want to buy high-capacity compressors that need not be moved from the garage. It is also very convenient for the owner of the garage to use the air compressor without having to move it around.







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