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3 Proven Tips to Make Your Home Ant-Free

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Tips to Make Your Home Ant-Free

Tips to Make Your Home Ant-Free


Ants are like our summer/spring house members who keep on growing in number as we reach in the middle of the summer. They are literally everywhere: trailing on kitchen counters, roaming on window pans, living under our bedroom’s carpet and freely marching on our washroom’s floor. And this situation gets even more annoying when the ant bites you while you are happily sitting on lawn chairs gazing the changing colors of the evening sky. You don’t need to be a myrmecophobic to get freaked out in this situation because nobody likes to live with creepy creatures wandering here and there.

If your home is invaded by an army of ants and you don’t know what to do, then here are some tips on how to remove ants from your home:

Clean Your House:

Tips to Make Your Home Ant-Free

How To Clean Storage Units

Ants are very adaptive in nature. They need water for their survival and food crumbs are additional feast for them. Drop a food crumb and it is like an open invitation to the colony of ants to barge into your house and raid every place they want. So, it is better to keep your house clean and dry if you don’t want to welcome uninvited guests in your home.

Dry your bathroom and kitchen floor, fix leaking pipes, clean kitchen countertops after cooking and don’t let food crumbs resting on your dining table after dinner. It will help you a lot to get rid of ants.

Block Entry Points:

You might have experienced the moment when you see a colony of ants marching. And once you follow them to find the destination of this march, you find them entering a ceiling’s crack or broken door frame. These are the points where you need to work. Besides keeping your house clean, you should also block the nestling points of the ants because once ants find a place to live, they start multiplying in thousands. So, you should close any such place that can give a room for ants to live and reproduce.

Ant Control Spray:

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Tips to Make Your Home Ant-Free

Hand holding a lubrication spray can

Spraying pest control medicine in your home is another effective method to eliminate ants from your home. This step is essential when your home has already been infested with ants because you can’t kill ants by any other means if they have already entered your home. Area under the sink, bathrooms, outdoor area, cabinets, window and door cracks and ceiling are the most crucial points for spraying the pest control spray because ants mostly settle in these places.

Don’t leave out ants just because you think that they are just naïve little creature who isn’t going to do any harm to you and your family. Besides infesting your beautiful home and invading your food, some ants can also be dangerous. Even just one bite and sting is enough to black you out or even kill you. And you might be living with such species – you never know! So, don’t take ants lightly and make your home ant infestation free!

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