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Farming With An Edge: 7 Cool Tool Storage Tips You Can Employ Today

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Tool Storage Tips You Can Employ Today

Repair Tools

Repair Tools

It’s surprising to many new farmers how quickly all their useful tools become a jumbled mess. The storage solutions used in other industries aren’t always a good fit for farming, though. Read on to find seven storage tips that can be used on farms of all sizes.

Affordable Storage Buildings

Buying a ready-built storage shed might be a fine idea for a home gardener, but farmers have far more valuable equipment that needs to be stored out of the rain than someone who just wants to maintain a small annual garden. Larger storage buildings can be expensive, though. Hiring Pole Barn Builders to construct an affordable storage solution is by far the most affordable and efficient way to maximize storage.


Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Find innovative ways to take advantage of vertical space to avoid a cluttered floor. These may include installing shelving for larger power tools and using pegboard on walls or cabinet doors to create more space for hanging smaller hand tools. Pegboard can even be installed inside cabinets to store more expensive tools without leaving them out in the open.


Color-Code Drawers

It’s tempting to toss small tools and supplies into a workbench drawer and forget about them, but that reduces efficiency in the long run. Instead, buy a set of drawers that features many compartments and use paint to color-code them according to their contents. It will make staying organized easier.


Use Labeled Totes

Awkwardly shaped tools tend to take up more than their fair share of space. Free up extra room by storing them in large, labeled totes stored on an open shelving unit. Not only will it free up shelf space, but it also makes tools easier to find when they’re needed.


Use Mason Jars

Having trouble keeping track of different nuts, bolts, and nails for projects around the farm? Set up a wall of shelves to hold clear mason jars for these and other miscellaneous items. Some people even fasten the jars’ lids to the underside of shelves for easier storage and removal. When in doubt regarding the size of jars needed, it’s always better to buy ones that are a little bigger than necessary.


Set Up a Charging Station

Cordless tools come in handy, but only if they’re kept charged. Those who want to save space while simultaneously ensuring that their batteries will be charged when they need them can build custom battery charging stations right into their walls. Just make sure to build them near an outlet.


Include a Parking Area

One of the great things about building a larger storage building is that it will also be able to accommodate larger farm equipment like tractors and small trailers. Designate a parking area near the front of the building to store this expensive machinery inside and away from the elements. Make sure to mention the size of the tractor or other machinery to the builder in advance to ensure that the door will be large enough to fit it through, though.


The Bottom Line

Farming can be incredibly rewarding, but it poses certain unique challenges. Finding tools shouldn’t be one of them, though. With just a little investment capital and some good, old-fashioned ingenuity, farmers working on any scale can create custom storage solutions to store their tools safely and keep them organized.







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