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Top 7 Final Exam Preparation Tips That Will Boost Your Success

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lady sleeping on books

lady sleeping on books

Weeks or even days leading up to finals are a stressful time for students. Final projects, dissertations, and assignments are likely to add to the stress and academic pressure. To help a learner succeed, here are tips to be incorporated during the preparation for the end-of-semester exams.

Find a Study Friend

Even if you prefer to study solo, you can break the monotony by studying with a friend. Besides, having a study buddy to keep you accountable ensures you don't procrastinate reading the course material. You might also learn something new from the study friend that you failed to grasp during class. Other benefits of having a study partner include:

  • They can quiz you before the finals, which allows you to get familiar with the exam process.
  • Creates room to share unique thoughts and ideas about a certain topic.
  • Share resources in case there is a shortage.
  • Teach concepts that you find hard to comprehend.

A study partner increases your chances of success in finals and overall academic journey. When you study with a friend or colleague, you gain additional support from someone who understands the challenges of learning that particular course. The friend will also keep you motivated, strengthening your commitment to achieving your education goals, which improves the learning outcomes.


Take Charge of Your Own Learning

Part of taking charge of your studies is through spaced practice. One benefit of this study technique is that it prevents burnout and cramming while storing the information in long-term memory.

What's great about spaced practice is that it spreads out the study material into a longer period. For example, instead of allotting 5 hours to studying nonstop for a day, you space the hours out for a week. Space learning will become a success if you plan in advance by setting a time every day to study up until the finals. Then, when students review the course material over a long period, they have a better chance of understanding the key concepts, building upon existing knowledge, and improving recall.

man studying

man studying

Change Your Study Space

Smart studying is reviewing the material in a quiet, comfortable, and peaceful space. Doing so helps to comprehend information better, including grasping content from an essay writer.  However, recent research shows that changing study space improves retention and recall.

So instead of sticking in one location, find a place where you are comfortable yet have a better chance of remembering what you are reading. The benefits of changing study space come from each learner's specific preference for learning styles.


Use Past Exam Papers

Using old past papers is part of revising effectively for the finals. Using past papers for revisions is great for testing your knowledge on a specific subject and knowing which areas you need to go back and read again. It also familiarizes a learner with the kind of question to expect in exams which boosts confidence and sharpens test-taking skills.

Take a step further and set a specific time to answer each question. That way, you can gauge if you are in a position to complete the end-of-semester exams or finals in time. Finally, don't forget to use a teacher-given marking scheme to mark your work, assess performance, and identify weak areas.

books study

books study

Take Regular Breaks

With finals quickly approaching, you might assume that you need every minute to study. However, this strategy can be unfavorable and an obstacle to succeeding in your academic journey. Studying without a break drains you mentally and hinders productivity. So to improve retention and for reenergizing, it is best to study for a specific number of minutes then take a short break.


Summarizing for Better Retention

Exam success depends on your note-taking skills. Effectively summarized notes eradicate the need to read the whole course material. Besides, with the finals approaching, you have to remember what you read, and that's where summarization comes in.

This note-taking method allows a student to engage with the course material actively and retain the information. The trick to creating a good summary is getting the main points in each chapter and writing them down. Doing so helps you skim through the chapters while avoiding all the fluff.


Keep a Positive Mindset

Exams periods tend to be the most stressful times. Maybe you have panicked and felt under pressure to perform well. However, you must find a way to combat exam-related stress because you need good mental wellbeing to perform well in finals. While a mix of emotions is unavoidable, having a positive perspective brings a sense of calmness and confidence.







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