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Top Tools To Convert Image Into Text Perfectly

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There are various formats of the images like JPG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF and few more. Sometimes, it is required that the data in the image will convert to the text form for multiple purposes. Normally, it is really a time consuming and effort taking the task to do. It takes a lot of time to read and access the data of the image and then write it by hand on the page or word file.

Optical character recognition can be done in different languages. This is quite advantageous for the user that they can get the result in their own language. Otherwise, if the optical character recognition tool provides results in just one language, then the users of other languages have to convert it again in their own language that is a long process.

OCR and OCR Software:

Now, digital problems are solving in digital ways. There are tools that are designed for this specific purpose with many other plus points like these tools are mostly free to access, free to use, easy to operate, saves time by providing an outcome in seconds, provide very close outcomes. These features make the use of the picture to text convertor or image OCR demanding.

OCR is the optical character recognition process. As the name tells, it is a method that recognizes the characters in the image or picture. OCR is really a helpful technique that saves your money for the conversion of costly data entry. Following is the few trustworthy tools to convert image to text:

  1. Prepostseo picture to image convertor
  2. EasyScreen OCR
  3. Free-OCR.com
  4. com
  5. I2ocr tool
  6. com
  7. Image to text tool


Prepostseo Picture to Image Convertor

Prepostseo picture to image converter is a free tool. Along with this tool, the Prepostseo comes up with the number of tools that help in the related technological problems. When you open the website, search for the picture to image convertor. Then, upload the picture on it and get the result immediately. This is so easy to use. You can save, share or copy the results, as well. Prepostseo website provides the basic information on the benefits to convert image to text, image OCR.

Prepostseo tools help to convert image to text without asking for any registration fee. It supports multiple uploads at one time if you want. It takes proper care of the client’s privacy of the content. It is efficient in understanding and providing text by an image OCR that can be written in any style and font. It can recognize the math equations as well, which is wonderful.


EasyScreen OCR:

Want to convert image to text? Looking for an online picture to text converter? Then try the EasyScreen OCR tool. It is superbly amazing in its working and providing optimal outcomes. The language selection option is available on it to choose the desired one. It is known for its accurate and efficient conversion of the picture to text. The image OCR is quite fast, so it saves precious time, as well.

The immediate delivery of the results enhances working. It is a free tool so students can also use it. Two file formats can be converted conveniently by this tool: png and jpg.



This tool is another good option to convert the image to the text as it claims the following features:

  • It is a free tool
  • It converts pictures to image with multiple formats
  • The outcome is editable
  • It is available for usage in both, either you are online or offline



In the input section, you can insert the multiple-image files at one time. The image OCR efficiency is great for this tool. It is a free online tool that does not even demand the registration fee. Some tools are free to use but require the registration fee at the start, but this is not the case for this tool. This free image OCR tool offers recognition and results in multiple languages. It is popular for its large number of supported languages that are 122.


i2OCR Tool:

The transcription of the picture to text is required for many purposes like for the data entry, for retyping, for educational purposes, for professional purposes and much more. No one wants to consume a large time frame for doing this conversion as it slows down the speed of the working and also tiring for oneself. The usage of this tool is 100% free, and the language options are 100 plus.



This is an online tool that does not demand the software installation for its functioning. The procedure to convert image to text is similar to the other tools that insert the image, select the language form a large list category, and “enter”. The editable text can be extracted from the pdf document and the images.

There is a limit of the file to be inserted on the to-text.net. This tool does not support files larger than 5 MB. The supporting formats of the files are BMP, png, jpg, and TIF.



The interface is kept quite simple and easy for making it usable for the majority of the users. Some tools have the most advanced interfaces that are complex and complicated. Such tools with complex interface are not suitable for everyone, although it shows the maximum of the pros. On the other hand, the tool with good quality features and a simple interface is more desirable.

Keeping that in mind, the developers have made it simple to use. The speed of the conversion of the picture to text is also great.


Image to Text Tool:

In the other tools for conversion of the picture to text, you have to download it for editing and usage. But in this free online tool, the result file will be saved automatically, thus reducing your task. The images have two types of texts: one is the handwritten text and the other is printed one. This tool supports the printed text rather than the handwritten text of the image.







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