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Truck Must Haves To Wow At Sporting Events

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Truck How To Showing off to your fandom in style.

Truck How To


Truck shows and sporting events are adrenaline - packed exciting places to be. It's eye-opening to see just how much can be done to a truck to make it look amazing and perform exceedingly well. 

If your truck is part of the line up in a souped- up truck sporting event, you want it to stand out and be the talk of the show if not get the prize. How do you do this? Well, concentrate on these four things, and you may have a winner.

Truck How To Choose

1. Boost performance

Here, we're talking about anything that can improve your horsepower and make your truck a monster on the highway or off-road. Trucks are meant to get you through tough terrains and help you haul heavy loads. Make sure your truck can do both!

2. Enhance Appearance

Items that enhance the aesthetics of your truck fall in this category. That's where the "soup-up" phrase comes from, it means to enhance. It's always great when your truck not only performs well on the road but also looks fantastic. So do your best to make it stand out aesthetically.

3. Root for functionality

In addition to exceptional performance and a breathtaking appearance, every truck owner( or at least most) want functional features. Here, we're talking about additions that either protect the vehicle (thereby giving it durability) or make it easier for you, the driver,  to perform various tasks. Focusing on functionality will provide you with a truck worth owning, that gives as good as it gets.

4. Keep it simple

Most of the time, complicated upgrades will cost you - in spades! It's not always possible, but try to upgrade your truck with features that will not drain your wallet to maintain. Your bank account will thank you for it.

There you go! Combine these four attributes when upgrading your truck, and you will have a killer vehicle on your hands that you can wow people with at ANY  truck show or sporting event. If you would like a few practical examples on how to do this, read on.

Five things you can do to improve your truck before a show or event

Truck How To

Truck must haves

1. Get better wheels

A truck with great wheels always pulls the eye. The bigger the wheels, the more it seems like a powerhouse of a truck. That's why you should fit your truck with some impressive wheels. The great looks and the advantage these wheels give you when navigating over rough terrain will definitely put your truck ahead of the pack. 

Get big strong wheels. Ideally, the wider the truck wheels, the more stability they will give you on the road. You can get more info on how to upgrade truck tires safely here. That will take care of the functionality and performance. For aesthetics, bring in some good quality chrome rims to show off your tires to perfection.

2. Increase engine power

Your truck may look fantastic, but it won't give you excellent performance if it doesn't have monster firepower backing up its good looks. So you must fit your truck with a great engine. Look into turbocharging or supercharging your engine to give it tremendous firepower. 

If you can't afford an engine upgrade, making sure your engine is super clean and purring will get you great results too. Just cleaning out your fuel and air filters can enhance your engine performance. There is also the little, often overlooked matter of changing the engine oil and making sure you use quality oil.

Another great way to improve your truck's engine efficiency is to install an aftermarket exhaust system. Not only will it make your truck sound better, but it will also boost your truck's engine performance. Try it.

3. Wrap it or paint it!

Truck How To

There is no better way to upgrade the exterior of your truck than to wrap it. Vehicle wraps are amazing because they allow you to customize your truck exterior to your preference.

Think of your truck body as a blank canvas on which you can put any design that showcases your personality and enhances how it looks. You could choose a simple solid color wrap to say jet black, matt black, or bright pink if you prefer (we are not judging). You could also design some art into it, such as a floral design or a rock star motif.  It's all up to you. 

A good quality vehicle wrap will protect your truck’s bodywork against damage from the sun, and scratches from rocks and other debris especially when traveling off-road (functionality, remember?) So it's really worth the investment. 

If you feel like a car wrap is beyond your budget, a paint job will come in handy. However, remember that a car wrap is easy to change anytime you like and does not require as much prepping and work as a paint job does. It's also more durable. So maybe you should save up for it just to get the perfect truck body protection.

4. Protect your truck

Truck How To

Apart from the bodywork, there are other ways you can ‘soup-up’ your truck to protect it. These features will also earn you some brownie points at a truck show or sporting events. After all, any respectable truck lover works hard to protect their truck, and you ought to as well.

  • Bed liner

Start by fixing a good quality bed liner on your truck bed. I mean, if you're going to be hauling lots of gear in your truck(which you are likely going to do), it makes sense to protect your truck bed from wear and tear. 

  • Modified front and rear bumpers

Imagine supping up your truck with all the features we have mentioned only to be rear-ended and have your truck badly damaged. That's a nightmare.

So why not upgrade your front and rear bumpers to aftermarket bumpers to protect your truck? In case of any collisions or rear-ending, you are sure your bumpers will protect your truck and save you from paying a lot of money in repair costs.  

And if you're into truck shows, custom front and rear bumpers on your truck preferably with some grill guards will make it look amazing and give it a look that says "mean machine!" Get some!

  • Suspension 

To protect the undercarriage of your truck, especially if you carry heavy loads or travel through uneven terrain often, you should upgrade your suspension. A good suspension will also save all the juice in your truck for forward momentum, thereby giving you more speed while protecting your tires from unnecessary damage.

You can upgrade your truck suspension by changing to heavy-duty shocks to make it easier to haul heavy items. An even better option is to replace your regular shocks with air shocks. 

Air shocks adjust to the load in your truck, providing support when carrying heavy loads and a smooth ride when your truck is empty. They are especially great if you use your truck to haul heavy loads regularly.

5. Upgrade to a plush interior

After all is said and done, your truck should look as good inside as it does outside, if you want to really hit that wow factor. So why not invest a few bucks to make your truck interior plush and comfy? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Upgrade the upholstery by completely re-upholstering it or covering the old material with trendy seat covers
  • Switch the old floor mats for trendy pre-cut ones or get some custom- made to your taste. Just make sure they are functional and will protect your truck floor interior adequately, especially during wet weather.
  • Put in a modern stereo system if you haven't already. Make sure it provides you with excellent sound quality and has all the modern amenities you can have in a stereo system like Bluetooth and GPS navigation. That way, you can drive your truck to the sound of great music when you're on the road.

Last word!

These are a few ways you can upgrade your truck's wow factor for a show or sporting event. Although they may cost a buck or two, they are worth it in the long run because they will keep your truck in excellent condition for years to come. Think of them as an investment and you won't have any problem spending money on them. 






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