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Water Softener Troubleshooting: How to Do?

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Water Softener Full of Water: What to Do?

Water Softener Troubleshooting

Salt Less Water Softener

In certain parts of the country, every home or office needs a Water Softener Troubleshooting as it removes the hardness of the water on tap, including calcium, magnesium, and other metal cations. What you get is water that requires less soap for cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, and more. It also eliminates scale build-up in the plumbing system, prolonging its life in the process. Most commercial water softeners achieve this by using lime softening or ion-exchange resins, but it is also not uncommon to see setups that incorporate nano-filtration or even reverse osmosis.

On normal operations, you won’t see your water softener full of water. There shouldn’t be any standing water in your brine tank, as it should only contain the salt. There are instances wherein there’s water buildup even though your water softener not working is not a problem. If your household doesn’t go through much water for a certain period, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this. You may need to add more salt in the brine tank in the future, especially when there’s increased water consumption.

But if the problem persists, you might want to do a bit of water softener troubleshooting. Standing water can be a sign of an issue in your setup, like the components regulating the intake of water is malfunctioning, or that water is not getting drawn down after regeneration. Here are some of the answers to your question, “why is my water softener full of water?”

Water Softener Troubleshooting – 

Water Softener Troubleshooting

Salt Free Water Conditioning Systems

The Brine Line Hose is Not Connected

Before you contact a repair company like American Home Water and Air in Phoenix, you can try to troubleshoot for this common issue.

Inspect the float inside the brine well controlling the brine level. Have you ever opened up a toilet tank? Well, it’s similar to a float in a water softener that controls the valve that flushes the water out. If that’s the case, “why is my water softener full of water then” you might ask. If the incoming water line is not attached properly, that same float won’t stop the flow even when it reaches the correct level. Check the line and float connections first and move on if it’s not the one causing the issue.

Brine Level Control Problems

Now, if you see the float and the incoming line properly attached unlike in the first scenario, the issue could be the float itself. The float can’t move freely when clogged, so you need to remove it for cleaning as well.

Unclogging Salt Clogs at the Bottom

A salt clog is another common problem you could encounter with your water softener. The clog impedes proper flow, so your water softener gets full of water. This happens when the slots in the brine well get blocked by salt buildup.

These slots allow water to flow in and out of the brine well, so this is what you should probably check on a regular basis. If you encounter this problem and you think there are no other issues, then it’s time to give the tank a proper hosing. To avoid this, you should schedule a regular cleaning, just so you can dislodge any salt buildup before they get worse.

Common Malfunctions Due to Clogs

One part of the water softener that could malfunction when clogged is the drain line. It can be clogged by salt deposits, has a kink in it, or has been damaged from regular usage. The best course of action is to clean it, worse, you have to replace a malfunctioning drain line. Households with high iron in their tap can experience a clogged drain flow control.

One common water softener troubleshooting method is to check the drain flow control since this is a common occurrence. It’s quick and easy to fix, just clean out the control valve, and you’re good to go.

Another issue that’s rather easy to fix is the clogged brine line flow control. Just flush out the debris buildup and your water softener will be operating normally in no time. This is the same as having a clogged injector, which again, is caused by the high iron content in the water.

To address this issue, just remove the injector and clean it. If the tiny hole that regulates intake is clogged, you can use it as a wooden toothpick to clean it. Be careful not to use a metal pin because it can irreparably damage the injector and alter the size of the intake hole.

If you’re still wary about damaging your unit, you can just use a cleaning product like calcium lime rust remover.

Electronic Problems

While most of the problems asked by users are along the lines of “water softener full of water, how to drain excess,” in rare cases, electronic malfunctions can also be encountered.

You can see this when the usual indicator lights are not lit up, or it’s simply not working despite cleaning everything that’s clogged. When this happens, the circuit board probably needs to be replaced.

You can also encounter issues like malfunctioning pistons, or the spacer stack got worn out. These are common after long periods of use, and this simply means the parts have served their purpose and should now be replaced. However, you should note that parts like the base plate, pistons, and the spacer stack require professional attention.

Don’t attempt to DIY if you don’t have extensive experience replacing them. They may seem simple or straightforward, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause further damage to your unit, and you might need to spend more than just replacing the worn parts.

Getting a high-quality water softener lessens the likelihood of some of these problems. You still need to clean it regularly to remove buildup, but you’re guaranteed that parts won’t fail.

American Home Water and Air provides high-quality water softeners, backed with a multi-year warranty on parts and labor. Rest assured, you’ll get something that can last a long time and would definitely be worth your money.

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