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Road to an Energy Independent Home & Cut Energy Bill

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How To Cut Down Energy Bill

Energy Independent Home

How To Save Money

Homeowners everywhere are aiming to reduce their energy expenditures and turning their homes into energy independent havens. This has become a very attractive prospect for a couple of reasons. For starters, it’s a great way to increase the resale value of your home and make it extremely attractive to potential home buyers. On the other hand, there’s also the environmentally-friendly angle to consider. An energy independent home leaves much less of a carbon footprint. So, how do you make sure your home uses as little energy as possible? Here are some ideas to start with.

1.      Heat sensibly

Energy Independent Home

HVAC System

There’s no going around it, your home will require heat during the colder months. Winter is a must, as the weather starts to hit subzero temperatures. While autumn might come and go with varying temperature drops, winter is one season where heating is a matter of survival.

Lots of heating is required, and your home needs to stay warm whenever you’re there. However, there are ways to lessen the amount of heat you use without resorting to freezing.

For starters, look at the type of heating system you use. Not every system uses the same amount of energy, nor does it utilize the same kind of fuel. A wood furnace will cost you very little energy, as it only requires wood and someone to transport it.

Consider installing a system that can work on a schedule. Whenever you’re out of the house, it should shut off automatically. At the same time, it would heat up the home right before you come back.

2.      Cool it with the roof

Energy Independent Home


Speaking of temperature differences, summer isn’t all that better when it comes to energy expenditures. If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll know how important air conditioning is during the summer. Your roof and walls are supposed to insulate against this change of temperature, but they aren’t always made to be efficient in this regard.

Your roof might be good at protecting from the elements, but it can often absorb a lot of heat during the summer. This keeps your home hot even while your AC is working overtime. The good news is that there are more efficient roof options out there.

Materials like asphalt have a high thermal mass, which means they will quickly absorb heat and warm your home. Instead of using asphalt, you might want to consider low thermal mass materials such as slate or clay. Alternatively, you can always create a green roof by planting greenery on top of it.

3.      Utilize solar power system

Energy Independent Home

Solar energy

No matter how much you save or act responsibly, you’ll always use some amount of energy. Even the most efficient lightbulbs can only do so much. It seems impossible to go completely carbon neutral. Well, it’s not impossible, but it requires a bit of effort and funding.

Solar energy has long been hailed as one of the energy sources of tomorrow. Nowadays, people can install panels on their roof without much issue, as long as they know how to set them up.

Solar panels require a lot of room to operate. You need a lot of free space on your roof to be able to utilize enough of them to get adequate amounts of power. They need a large surface in order to be efficient. For this power to be stored, you’re going to have to find a place for the solar cell battery.

Blue Raven Solar offers not only high-quality solar panels but also a range of other energy-efficient solutions. Learn more from Blue Raven Solar to maximize your sustainable living efforts.

To transform the electricity in your solar panels to something that’s usable by your appliances, you’ll also need to find room for and connect your home solar power inverter. With every element in place, your solar panels can help you produce electricity and reach a new level of energy independence.

4.      Get efficient with your lighting

Energy Independent Home

Brighter Light

Lighting always makes up a pretty big part of the power bills in a home. You have tons of light bulbs that need to be kept lit pretty often, and that creates quite the demand for electricity. Not every form of lighting is created equal, though.

Different lightbulbs have different energy expenditures. There might not be an extreme difference between two types of lightbulbs, but every change stacks up when you remember that your home will use many lightbulbs. Even a slight increase in efficiency means a lot to your power bill.

A lot of homeowners are switching to LED lights to save electricity and cut down on their power bill. They’re considered some of the most efficient forms of lighting. The only downside is that individual lightbulbs are a lot more expensive than most other types. It’s something of a long-term investment in power saving.


5. Smart home technology

Energy Independent Home

Use smart home gadgets, electronics to cut down energy bill. Below are lists of some best selling smart home gadgets for all home owners and renters as well.

Top 10 Highly reviewed smart home gadgets lists:

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Reaching energy independence with your home isn’t as difficult as you might have thought. There have been countless innovations in the past few years that are allowing homeowners to be more efficient with their energy expenditures while producing some power on their own. Consider the above tips and you’ll be on your way to having an extremely efficient and eco-friendly home.







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