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TV Wall Mount: Tips & Tricks For Installation

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On average, the television is switched on for significantly more than three hours a day, making it one of the most important electronic devices in American households. According to the itod tv mounting, the flat screen TV has prevailed, which is available in 85 percent of all households. The triumphant advance of compactly constructed TVs is accompanied by the possibility of not just setting up the screen, but also mounting it optimally on the wall. But what should you watch out for?

Plan Wisely before buying and installing the TV

If you buy a new TV, you should think about which room the device will be located in. With a screen diagonal of more than 100 centimeters, the popular formats from 42 inches upwards not only need space on the wall, but also a corresponding distance from the seating in order to guarantee an optimal viewing experience. For a Full HD TV of 50 inches (127 centimeters), for example, two meters between the screen and viewer is recommended, for the new 4K TVs it is one meter. There is no point in buying a giant TV if you later sit too close or too far away from it.

A bracket is usually required to securely install the home theater on the wall. Sometimes it is part of the scope of delivery of the TV, but is usually ordered separately. The bracket must be strong enough to hold the weight of the TV. It also has to be big enough, of course, and it should also make it easy to swivel the screen. This allows the optimal viewing angle to be set and the connections on the back can be easily reached. Specialized providers such as TecTake have a suitable bracket available as an accessory for almost every television . Buying on the Internet promises low prices and fast delivery.


Install the TV bracket properly

Actually, anyone with a little DIY experience can attach the bracket for the television to the wall of their choice. You will need a drill, spirit level, four hands and possibly additional dowels. Before drilling, you should check that there are no power lines in the planned places. According to the German standard, power lines run horizontally or vertically from A to B, i.e. sockets, light switches and similar points of reference. If suitable locations for the dowels have been found, drilling locations are marked. The spirit level helps here to work neatly and horizontally. It should be noted that the dowels and the TV bracket screwed to them will later have to bear a lot of weight. Normally, the supplied dowels are the first choice, special solutions can be found in the hardware store for any hollow walls.

Basically, when installing the TV bracket, follow the instructions provided. Because heavy weights have to be lifted and greater distances measured, a helping hand is needed. But then the entire process takes barely an hour before the new or existing television is finally hanging where it belongs for relaxing hours. The self-assembly saves at least 50 Dollars, which would otherwise be due for a craftsman.