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Why Using A Pipe Lining System Is More Cost Efficient?

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fixing pipeline

fixing pipeline

Pipe lining is a quick, affordable and simple way of repairing drains and sewers in homes compared to conventional repair practices. The process enables you to undertake pipe repairs without digging the old pipes up. This doesn’t only save you time, but also reduces the cost that would’ve otherwise gone into undertaking intensive processes that come with digging damage or old pipe from the ground.

In most instances, pipe lining uses epoxy resin pipes. These are fitted in existing drains and given time to cure. To successfully line your pipes and rehabilitate them effectively, you need to ensure that the resin pipes you use conform to the route and the size of the existing drain. Once conducted, a pipe lining procedure boosts the flow of water in a piping system.

If you need to repair your drains or sewers in your home and are not sure whether a pipe lining system is the most cost-efficient way to do it, here are some five reasons to consider it:

1. Pipe Lining Does Minimal Damage to Your Landscape

Drain and sewer pipes are installed below the surface of your home. This means if the need to repair or replace them arises, you would have to dig trenches into the surface to reach them. Doing this will cause significant disruption to your home's landscape. The plant covering that you may have invested in for a significant period would get destroyed.

And this is not all. If you had installed covers like concrete and patio pavers on your compound, you will be forced to remove them to work on your pipes. This means spending more money replacing these covers once you are done with the repairs. It will certainly take you time to fully restore your ground surface to its original form before you repaired your drains - which results in additional costs.

Pipe lining provides a convenient way of rehabilitating your pipes while still maintaining the condition of your compound.  When you opt for a pipe lining system, you’ll have minimal disruption on your compound and therefore minimal expenses for restoring it.


2. Pipe Lining Requires Less Labor

The traditional method of fixing broken or replacing old pipes requires a team of workers to dig up your drains, fix it and cover the trenches. All the workers that do the job have to be paid, which means spending more money on your part.

On the other hand, pipe lining only needs a few people to do the job because no pipe extraction works need to be undertaken. This means you’ll only have to pay a few people to reline your pipes, reducing the amount to be spent on labor, significantly.

When hiring contractors for a pipe lining job, ensure that you hire experts from credible companies like MaxLiner. This will ensure your pipe lining system will be done in a professional way and you won’t have to spend more money getting it redone.

pipe lining system

pipe lining system

3. Pipe Lining Doesn’t Require Replacement of Materials

When you repair your drains or sewers the traditional way, you’re bound to cause damages to your existing pipes during excavation. These damages can’t be ignored – you'll need to replace all the piping materials that get damaged in the process. This will push your repair costs further up because you’ll have to buy new materials to facilitate this replacement.

This isn’t the case with pipe lining systems. Since you’re only doing minimal excavation, you are less likely to damage your drains. In the event you’ve damaged pipes, you won't need to buy new materials to replace them. Instead, you only need to reline them. This keeps your damage costs low, or better still - alleviates them completely.

4. The Pipe Lining Process is Fast

The conventional method of replacing or repairing pipes is long and labor intensive. The extraction of drains and sewers from the ground takes time, which increases the cost of labor.

A pipe lining system doesn’t take that much time. It also enables you to repair pipes that are in hard to reach places much faster compared to other pipe rehabilitation methods. This fast turnaround enables you to minimize your installation costs. Since pipe lining systems cause little disruption on your home environment, restoring it to its original state also takes a shorter time.


5. Pipe Lining Increases Durability of Drains

Pipe lining is more cost efficient because it increases the efficacy of your drains. When you add epoxy resin pipes to old or damaged pipes, the piping system is reinforced because you essentially have two pipes in a single unit. It is also a great way of removing weak joints or points in the piping system - which makes them stronger. When you have durable drains, you can stay for a long time without experiencing any damages or faults. This means your repair and maintenance costs will remain low.


6. Pipe Lining Increases Your Home's Value

When you install a pipe lining system in your home, it can go a long way in increasing the value of the home. Home inspectors know that having well designed drainage systems guarantee efficient drainage services to buyers. As such, the drainage system is one of the key areas they check when they go inspecting homes. To give your home value a boost, reinforce your drainage system with pipe lining. This simple step will help increase the efficacy of your drainage system and impress home inspectors in future.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous costs that installation of a pipe lining system enables you to reduce. While some of them may not be obvious or may seem insignificant at the beginning, they may end up increasing your drainage repair and maintenance costs if overlooked. For instance, if children get involved in accidents due to debris piles and trenches in your home, you may increase the indirect costs that could’ve otherwise been avoided using pipe lining. It is these indirect costs plus the direct costs and benefits discussed above that make a pipe lining system more cost efficient than the conventional methods of repairing drains.







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