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Everything You Should Know About UV Light Air Purifier

UV Air Purifier

air purifier

air purifier

Keeping indoor air pure and free from particulates that contain germs, bacteria is very important since it leads to long-term health - according to health experts. If you want to keep your house germ free you should consider purchasing a UV air purifier.

The UV air purifier used light to purify the indoor air plus any bad smells. The UV light is made of many tiny parcels called photons. And while the light travels, it vibrates and traces the wave in space.

The distance between each wave is shorter when the light vibrates quickly. And it is known as wavelength (wave-to-wave distance).

Let’s jump into the discussion and find out everything about this amazing air purifying gadget.

What is a UV air purifier

Before you know what a UV air purifier is, you should know the abbreviation of UV. Okay, the terms UV stands for Ultra Violate that you may hear about this. Ultraviolet is usually used in sunscreen lotions but the UV used in sunscreen lotion and UV air purifier is not the same.

On the other hand, the UV air purifier is the UV light air purifier. You can’t see the UV light in naked eyes since it is an invisible light but this can do much to keep you healthy by reducing germs and other bacteria.

The UV air purifier is safe to use and this is a popular gadget for both home and commercial use. The UV light is capable of disinfecting everything where the light reaches including it kills any harmful chemicals.

If you want to learn more about the UV air purifier, you can check this article.


What makes the UV air purifier safe to use

When you are seeking an air purifier you should consider a few facts since all the air purifiers are not safe to use. Usually, every UV air purifier produces ozone but when a UV light exposes too much ozone, this is harmful to humans as well as to animals and plants too.

You should choose a UV air purifier that produces a small amount of ozone as it is safe. Or choose one that is ozone-free since these are safe.

Yet before you choose the right one for your home, you should study different types of UV air purifiers from real customers online. This is one of the ideal ways to get the safest one.


How the UV air purifier clean the indoor air

Generally, the UV light is a combination of a filter system that is HEPA and an air force system. So the UV air purifier works as a strong unit to fight against any indoor germs.

UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C - these are the three types of UV lights that are available on the market. And the UV air purifier is unique since it is UV-C.

UV-C light is a very powerful light radiation that doesn't harm people but the best at killing any viruses and germs. This UV-C is also used on non-critical patients who are suffering from allergies, asthma, or suffering from any immune systems by killing the germs.

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So along with purifying the air, this is also great for human health. However, the UV air purifier is installed in the ventilation in your home and from there it emits lights to purify the air.

Some facts affect the performance of UV lights, such as the temperature, the type of UV lamp and humidity.


Does a UV air purifier really kill germs

The short answer is ‘Yes’ it does. Germs or mold can’t be seen in naked eyes but these are very dangerous for your home. Also, this affects your health too especially if you are allergic to mold.

You should consider getting rid of these germs or mold to live a safe and healthy life. You can use home remedies like bleaching powder and warm water to treat these germs but this won’t eliminate all the germs on the surface.

In this matter, the UV air purifier can do the best for your home by eliminating all the molds or germs from the house. This UV air purifier contains C that handles all the germs and molds. While other things can’t do a job like this.

If you want to get rid of indoor germs and reduce any odors then you should purchase a UV air purifier. But you have to replace the bulb every 12 months to get the best results.

As you know a UV air purifier is an ideal option that kills germs and other bacteria from indoor air. It is critical to choose a UV purifier for your home. Read the next section and you’ll choose one easily.


How to choose a UV air purifier


1. The size of the UV air purifier

First, you have to consider the size of the room where you install the gadget. If you want to install this only one room, then you can put a small air purifier. But if you want to cover every corner of your house then you have to get a large one.


2. Price

This is the main thing you have to consider, on the market, different air purifiers are available in the different price range. But remember one thing, you will get what you pay for so try buying an expensive one. This would do much for your home.

Also, consider the ozone production - the less expensive UV air purifiers are usually produced excess ozone plus there are chances of radiation leakage.


3. The combinations of air filters

Though the UV air purifiers come with an air filter yet you should get an additional filter. Some of the UV air purifiers come with multiple filters that contain 3 in 1 or even more than this.


Summing Up

The UV air purifier is one of the best ways to keep your home mold-free. To get the best result try choosing an air purifier that doesn’t generate ozone. UV-C is the best to provide you a germ-free surface plus pure air, so consider getting one for your home.



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