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The Most Common Things You’re Forgetting To Clean In Your Bedroom

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Common Things To Clean In Bedroom



Many would agree that a bedroom is a perfect place of tranquillity, the right place to be alone, a place where you can simply relax away from the busy world. After a long tiring day doing work, getting your children to school, and preparing meals, you need a haven to decrease your levels of stress, and your bedroom is the right place to escape. However, either due to forgetfulness or time restrictions, a lot of people often neglect to clean their bedroom thoroughly. Whatsoever the reason is, your bedroom deserves cleaning, and we are not talking about just simple cleaning. Below we are going to discuss some things and parts of your bedroom that you usually forget to clean.

Bedroom closet

Sometimes, we tend to clean only those that are visible in the eye, like the floor and table, and forget to consider our closet. Dust can still enter your closet even if it is always closed. If left uncleaned for a long time, it can attract spiders on top and household pests underneath.



According to the study, a person spends an average of 300 months of their life with their mattress. However, over time, the mattress collects sweat, dead skin, stains, dirt, dust mites, and worse bed bugs and small pests. With these lurking in your bed can cause different respiratory problems and health problems such as allergies, depressed immune system, insomnia, etc. One should clean their mattress at once every six months. To prevent infestation of bed bugs, you can opt to install Pest Pro Bed Bug Systems that can effectively kill not just the bed bugs but all of their eggs as well.


Under your bed

Over time, lots of dirt, fuzz, and small things can end up being under your bed. If those things were left unchecked for a long period, they would become a haven for little bugs, which in turn could make their way into your mattress. Dirt underneath could also cause allergen and dust mite buildup. So whenever you clean your bedroom, make sure to move your bed out and clean all the daily debris that has accumulated under it.


Bedroom curtains

Some homeowners tend to replace their curtains quarterly. However, lots of them usually replace their curtains once a year or before the holiday season. Changing your bedroom curtains at least twice or thrice a year promotes a healthy haven. It keeps unwanted dirt at bay and avoids grime buildup. It also prevents bugs and bacteria, causing smelly odors to settle in. And more importantly, changing your bedroom curtains allows you to bring out your creativity to make your bedroom look more lively.


Doors and windows surfaces

Your bedroom door and window are some of the things that were most neglected when it comes to cleaning. If you are going to look above your door and window molding, you might notice a thick layer of dust that has accumulated over time. So the next time you clean your bedroom, don’t forget to include these parts.



If you have a large bedroom, it is sometimes inevitable to have a comfy chair or a couch inside. You might also include some lampshades, picture frames, or a workstation if you are working from the comfort of your home. These types of furniture can collect a lot of dust over time and can host a lot of germs and bacteria. Always keep them clean using disinfecting wipes at least once a day.



Cleaning your bedroom is essential to keep it look welcoming and healthy. Don’t be afraid to use tools such as the Pest Pro Bed Bug Systems to keep bugs and pests at bay


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