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DIY: Valentine’s Day Decoration That You Will Surely Love

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Ideas To Valentines Day Decoration

Valentines Day Decoration

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If there is a most awaited day by a lot of couples, surely it is no other than the 14th day of February. It is the day where they celebrate it with their partners. As you look around the surrounding, different types of couples are enjoying their time for each other. There is a showy type of couples, and there are also conservative ones. But Valentine's Day is not a day to celebrate solely with your loved ones. Of course, it is not an occasion exclusively made for couples.

You can also celebrate it with your parents, family, friends, or colleagues. Regardless of what type of couple you belong in or whom you want to celebrate Valentines' day with, it is important that you put some Valentines' day decorations to your house, office, or anywhere you want to decorate for the lovely month of February. So, here are some DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration we have prepared for you.


DIY Valentines Day Decoration You'll Surely Love

There are decorations that are easy to make, and also, there are those who are not. But for the person that you are dedicating these designs to, the level of difficulty of how you make the design is not essential, what is important to them is that you give your best to make this decoration according to your capacity.

Without further ado, let us begin with the fun Valentine’s Day Decoration ideas all prepared and gathered just for you.


1. Valentines Day Decoration Candles

Valentines Day Decoration


Candles consistently make an exceptional climate – they can make the space comfortable, lovely, and warm. For Valentine's Day, stylistic layout candles are imperative. They would assist you with creating a sentimental, wonderful, comfortable air, loaded with adoration. On the off chance that you have straightforward candles, utilize rose, red, frilly, and simply unique flame holders.

The best thing on Valentines Day Decoration is to make your own candles from scratch. There are a lot of tutorials on how to make your candles from scratch. You will probably need candle making kits for that – if you don’t have one already.

If you don’t want to make candles, you can buy some standard ones. After this, you may wrap them all, making use of paper with heart designs or anything related to the season. Also, you may opt to finish what you have started with hearts, petals or flowers or just let them stream in water blossoming if it happens that you are only in need of a candle. Hence, it is best of you to make use of everything in its red color like the rose or blossoms to add up to the aesthetics and enhancement of your candles, as well as your light holders which will then lead you to an accomplished objective of yours. Make the most of your adoration Valentines Day Decoration.


2. XOXO Jars

As the name indicates, it is a jar designed to enhance the Valentine’s Day Decoration ambiance in your home. XOXO jar is a jar filled with a letter, and an XOXO written in the apothecary jars. If you probably do not know what XOXO means, it is an abbreviation for "hugs and kisses," isn't is very sweet? This jar can be placed on your shelf, in the center of your table, or anywhere you think it suits itself for a better outlook. Up above, are large red heart-shaped of string art that is obviously stunning in the eyes. Although string art is a hard task for a beginner, you can do it as long as you are patient enough as you do the art.


3. Rose Heart Wreath

And if you are looking for a decoration that is easy for you to make that even a child can do, Rose Heart Wreath is the perfect decoration for you.

If you have children, you can ask help from them to cut out lots of circles. This can also be a way to build stronger bonds with your family.

Rose Heart Wreath can be done by your whole clan, even while watching your family's favorite movie so that you can imagine how easy it is to make.


4. Wooden Heart Valentine’s Decor

Valentines Day Decoration


If there is a decoration that is also environmentally friendly as well, a wooden heart Valentines' Decor might be on the top list. Aside from it is beautiful to look at because of its antique appearance, you can help to lessen the trash in the surrounding for this decoration can actually be made from scrap woods. And if you are an artist with lots of old paintbrushes, you can use its paint sticks as alternatives. But if you are out of the resources mentioned above, you can try to buy wood shims in the hardware. The wood shims are not expensive, so you can really afford it with just a little penny.


5. Love Letter No Sew Pillow

Make a love letter no-sew pillow. If you are fond of making a pillow out of art without the need for a sewing machine, you might actually like making one of these. Instead of using a sewing machine, you will need a glue for you to come up with this cute pillow. It is up to you what kind of Valentines' design you will be going to apply in this pillow. You can make a few of this as a throw pillow in your living room.


6. Tissue Paper Wreath

Make a tissue paper Wreath. This decoration of wreath idea is another adorable yet will not cost you a lot. This can be done by you in various shapes, such as circles and hearts. Unlike the rose wreath, the tissue paper wreath can be done easily for it comes together quicker, and still stunning in the eyes.


7. Candy Tree

Make a candy tree. And if you are up to something sweeter design for your home or office, you may want to go for building a candy tree. A candy tree is the sweetest idea you might come up with. In this tree are some messages together with the candies like "Be mine" and "I love you" hanging there. Although it is not that big, surely the people who will see this design will know how big your heart is for making the sweetest decoration. If you love using a hot glue gun, this can be a quick craft for you because the majority of the steps in making this will require you a glue. Try innovating this idea, in which you may try to a lot of sweets l, such as chocolates, for you to use instead of only cadies.


8. XOXO Burlap Canvas

Make an XOXO Burlap Canvas. This Valentines' day design would actually need a few materials, so don't miss out crafting one of these decorations. You will only be requiring a few stencils and a paint. To help you decorate your home with the best results, you should bear in mind that the decorations are being made by you to impress and at the same time to impress.


9. Valentine’s Day Family Tree

Make a Valentines' fay family tree. If you are not contented with a candy tree and desires for a much bigger tree, try building a Valentines' Day family tree. This is not just a decoration to make your house look as sweet as the occasion itself, but also a way of showing how much you love your family. You can try experimenting with what color will the leaves of the tree are. You may want it to stay green as the ordinary tree has green leaves, but you can also try it to be red to emphasize the occasion which is Valentines' day. In the tree, you can put some of the pictures of your family members hanging in its branches. You may also want to put some notes, messages, or quotes.



Valentines' day, although being a day, is an occasion celebrated during the whole month of February. So, as the month gets near, you might start decorating your house with Valentines' day designs. It might be hard for you to choose what kind of decorations you are going to make, but if you start to consider the factors like "What resources do you have?," or "How much do you want to spend with these decorations?," and "What kind of decoration you foresee that will surely compliment your home?" Everything will turn out smoothly. Also, remember that DIY Valentines' day decoration is not simply just a decoration. Instead, it is a gesture of showing your love, and how much effort you are willing to give for the person you are dedicating it to.



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