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The Biggest Door Of Them All

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Repair Your Garage Door 

The Biggest Door Of Them All

garage door

The biggest door of them all  when the weather is bad, there is nothing more comforting than the refuge of home. Picture this, it is cold and raining heavy. You cannot wait to get home, get in and warm up. The rain is coming down so hard you cannot see a few feet in front of your eyes. Struggling to drive; you pull up to your house, insight into your garage. Finally, you have arrived. You push the button to open the door and BAM, nothing happens. You keep pressing the button, and still nothing. Quickly you realize that unfortunately, you are about to get wet. After you get inside and dry off, the first thing you do is type garage door replacement into your favorite search browser. You don’t know exactly what is wrong, just that it is time to call in a professional. There are some real things to consider when it comes to your door. Being a center point of your home or business, it demands attention when not functioning.

The Biggest Door Of Them All

Repair, Replace or Upgrade?

The Biggest Door Of Them All

garage repair

There are many considerations to give thought to when it comes to replacing your garage door. Are you repairing, replacing, or upgrading your current system? Is this for your home or business? These are the important questions you need to ask yourself. It is important that you work with professionals like the ones at STI garage door, to handle all of your needs. A professional can give you the knowledge, speed, and skill to quickly resolve your issues.

The first step in fixing your garage door failures is to look at a repair. It could be a simple issue of a garage door opener failing. Something like this should be an easy fix for a professional. The repairs could extend to the framework of the door, or perhaps a bottom panel of the door itself. If this is for your business, the repairs could more extensive due to the sheer size of most commercial doors. Just remember the more moving parts, the higher the chances something could go wrong. In most circumstances, it should be cheaper (and easier) to repair. From seals to rollers, to windows and sensors, there could be a few different reasons for your door malfunctioning. After exhausting your options of fixing it yourself, make the call. Having someone come out from the door company to inspect your situation, would provide the best answer whether to move from repair, to replace. Do not be afraid to get multiple estimates. Talking to more than one company will give you a solid idea of the rates and type of repair you might require.

The Biggest Door Of Them All

Garage Doors

If a simple repair is all that was necessary, congratulations! You got out of your mess easier and cheaper. Sometimes, however, life isn’t that easy.  Fear not! Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways, and you were meant to have a new garage door! There are now hundreds of different options for your new garage door. Four car garages? There are options for that. Run a boat storage facility? There are wonderful replacement options for that too. Modern garage doors come in just about every shape, size, color, and material. Before, custom sizes were usually much more expensive or came with long order wait times. (or both) You still may pay more for a custom order, but you should also be getting top value. If you prefer a factory paint finish, any color can be matched and painted. If your color choices define who you are, then your garage door should match the rest of the house or business. There is something that is perfect for everyone.

 Also, take into consideration how most doors today can be lighter and stronger. An advantage of a lighter door is that it requires a less powerful opener. This could be helpful when repairing, as the components do not have to be rated as high. As you can see, there are some things to think about. When you analyze those things, it really does show great value on your new garage door.


Peace of Mind

The Biggest Door Of Them All

Garage Doors

 Something we haven’t talked about yet is security. Your new door will be much more secure, compared to the one requiring replacement. There are different security options out there now. This can include digital deadbolts, cameras with internet connectivity, secondary locks and more. All new doors can have state – of - the - art motion sensors for safety, with backup opening options. If you want to get rid of the old clicker, there are great options for that too. There are smartphone-controlled door openers, and others will automatically open based on sensor proximity. New doors also can come with insulation and sound dampening material. This can improve efficiency and lower operating costs. The options are limitless. There is something for customers on all ends of the spectrum. The fancy high-end doors will be more expensive, but worth it to the right person. Don’t forget about the classic style if you find the high end, a little too high. They are a tried and true method, so don’t discount them because of new technology. Perhaps your door is fine, but you want biometric locks and a sensor opener. The components can be quite flexible if you are just looking to upgrade.

The Biggest Door Of Them All

Garage Doors for sale

As you can now see, there is a lot that can go into garage door replacement. None of which are too much to overcome, just more than you might have thought about. The price of all those things above can vary. The price can range from hundreds to thousands depending on the size, the amount of work done and the options you choose. If your door was damaged from a storm or event covered by insurance, then your costs should below. This is why it is best to consult a professional for your garage door needs. There are certainly DIY options for every possible scenario, but if something is out of your range of skills then leave it to the pros. Hopefully, now you can feel better about your door situation. Help is just a click away.






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