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8 Warning Signs You Need To Hire An Electrician

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electrician repairing electrical circuits

electrician repairing electrical circuits

Have you experienced electricity-related issues at home? How did you handle it? Did you try fixing it yourself or seek the help of a professional electrician to repair it?

Choosing the latter option is the safest thing to do. Because if there’s one thing that is certain, is that electricity issues are never a simple matter.

Regardless of how urgent your electricity-related issues are, you should never take matters into your own hands. You should seek the assistance of licensed electricians in your area, such as electrician Bronte who are fully equipped and professionally trained to ensure that your property gets a sufficient and safe electrical system 24/7.

If you ever notice any of these red flags listed below, act fast and call an electrician right away to prevent more serious fire hazards. 

1. A Burning Smell Fills The Air

You turn on one of your appliances and immediately notice a burning smell a few minutes after. You're clueless as to where the smell is coming from as the kitchen is empty. A burning smell in your electrical outlet or fuse box is often caused by burning wire insulation or overheating breaker. When left unresolved, this electrical problem can cause fires and damage your appliances and property.

In addition, if you notice any discoloration in your outlets even without the burning smell, it may mean that there is burnt faulty wiring behind the walls that can possibly cause small fires.


2. Electrical Outlets Are Warm To The Touch

A burning smell isn't the only sign that something is wrong with the electricity on your property. Take the time to check your electrical outlets with the back of your hands. If the electrical outlets feel too warm to the touch, some faulty wiring might be the culprit.

Faulty wiring is a major electrical problem that should be repaired right away. Over time, faulty wiring can cause injuries due to electrocution and electrical shock.


3. Flickering Lights

In many instances, a flickering light usually implies that there can be an issue in your light bulb or socket, or could also be due to loose-fitting fixture connections, defective electrical wiring, or overloaded circuit. This problem might not seem like a hazard now but can actually cause your home to lose power.

In any case, you should hire an electrician immediately to solve the issue.


4. Buzzing Sounds In The Walls

Aside from using your sense of sight and smell, you can also rely on your ears to determine the condition of your property's electrical connection. Spend some time to listen through your walls and assess if you're hearing anything unusual. When you do, call an electrician right away.

Hearing buzzing sounds in the walls is a common electrical problem caused by many factors. For one, the sound can be caused by loose screw terminals, which can be fixed within minutes. In other cases, it might be triggered by a wiring issue.

Allow an electrician to make an accurate diagnosis to save you time and effort. After they diagnosed the cause of the buzzing sound, they can also repair the problem as soon as possible.


5. Rodents Often Chew On Your Wires

Rodents are known to carry diseases, but are you aware that their presence can also impact your home's electrical system? Rodents chewing on your electrical wires can cause house fires. The more rodents that feast on your wires, the more risks your household faces.

If you notice chewed-up wires in your property, call an electrician immediately. They can assess the severity of the problem and repair them right away. In situations like these, the electrician will likely recommend you to call pest control, so make sure to follow through.

electrician using multimeter

electrician using multimeter

6. Sparkling Outlets

Contrary to popular belief, seeing outlets spark whenever you plug in a device isn't normal or common. This is actually a sign that something is wrong with your electrical system and should be dealt with immediately.

There are many reasons why your outlets are sparkling. It can be caused by negligent repairs, short circuits, old outlets, or exposure to water. Determining the cause of the problem requires specific tools and skills, so don't attempt to disassemble outlets on your own. Instead, hire an experienced electrician from your area.


7. You Experience Minor And Frequent Shocks

Has experiencing shocks whenever you turn on a light switch became a norm? And you think that this is normal and shouldn't be given attention? Well, you're wrong. Experiencing shocks, regardless of the intensity and frequency, is another sign that you need the expertise of an electrician.

Electrical shocks should never be ignored as this is a tell-tale sign that electricity from your circuit is escaping. This problem can eventually escalate and cause fires.


8. You're Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new house is an important milestone, especially if the move has been motivated by a major life change, such as marriage or a growing family. However, before you sign any paperwork to confirm the sale of the property, reach out to an electrician first.

Hiring a professional electrician is a must before moving to a new home as they can conduct a thorough inspection of the electrical connection of the property. An electrician can identify if there are any electrical hazards or faulty wiring to the property you're eyeing to buy.

The in-depth knowledge and experience of an electrician will prevent you from making costly mistakes. Their assessment will ensure that you'll end up buying a home that provides value to your money and not one that will only require expensive electrical repairs in the long run.



With the number of electricians operating in your area, make sure to choose one that's licensed, insured, and experienced. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure, being aware of the red flags listed above can help you prevent fire hazards that can affect not only your appliances but your property as well.

If you've never hired an electrician in the past, ask referrals from friends, family, and colleagues from work to narrow down your options.







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