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How To Wash Windows In 15 Minutes?

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Wash Windows In 15 Minutes

Wash Windows

It is time to wash the windows after the winter. We talk, how to do it quickly and efficiently.

1. Cloudy day is the best time.

Do not forget the first rule: it is better to Wash Windows  on a cloudy day, in the sun, the glass cleaner dries too quickly. You just do not have time to wipe the wet glass with a rag, and there are stains, which no one likes to wash.


2. How to wash windows: the best tool

Of course, you can stop at a good tool for cleaning glasses, but vinegar with water is not worse. On the contrary, after him, there are fewer divorces. A simple recipe: mix vinegar with warm water in a 1: 8 ratio, add 10 drops of lemon essential oil as desired and pour into a spray bottle. The smell, of course, will be, but it will disappear very quickly.


3. No divorce

It is best to move in different directions: on one side of the glass wipe from top to bottom, and on the other - from side to side. If you see dirty streaks, it will immediately be clear which side they appeared on and where to wipe again.


4. How to wipe dirty frames

You can do this with a toothbrush or a foam brush. First, pour a little soda into the corners of the frames, where the most dirt usually accumulates, then extinguish the soda with vinegar so that it begins to foam. Leave it for 10-15 minutes, and then collect all the garbage from the corners to the center with a brush. Wash windows remaining dirt with a foam brush or microfiber cloth by wrapping it around the tip of a serving knife.


5. Rubber scraper replaces rag

It is much more convenient than rags. If the Wash windows is very dirty, then the first time the glass can be wiped with a rag, and then apply the product from the spray gun and clean it with a scraper.


6. Melamine sponge wipes stains on white plastic

It best removes dirty, stubborn stains from plastic frames. After it, the frames will be clean and white, like new. Just do not use it immediately on large surfaces, the sponges quickly wear out, and one may not be enough for you. It is better to Wash Windows off the main dirt with a rag, and what did not work out with a melanin sponge.


7. Mop with telescopic handle for hard-to-reach spots

Wipe out areas that cannot be reached with a swab with a rotating nozzle. Now these are sold in almost every hardware store.


8. Window cleaner for large windows

A device that you must buy for those who have many windows in the house. He will save you a lot of time. How to wash windows with a vacuum cleaner? First you wipe the dust and dirt with a spray gun with a tool and a built-in microfiber nozzle, and then collect the liquid with a vacuum cleaner with a rubber scraper attached to it. The result is very good, the time and energy spent is less than 3 times. But the vacuum cleaner is only suitable for washing glasses, it will be necessary to handle the frames and Wash windows sills in the old-fashioned way, with a rag.

Cover more area easily and efficiently with pro-level window-cleaning tools, such as telescopic brushes with water-fed systems and rubber squeegees. By investing in the right tools, you can cut down cleaning time by a huge chunk and get the best results. Plus professional cleaning tools are known for their durability, so you’ll be able to use them for years to come using window cleaning services


9. Scraper with blade for paint stains and stickers

If you have a glass-ceramic stove at home, you know that you need to clean it with an iron scraper. It is he who will help you remove old dried paint from glasses, stains of fuel oil or factory stickers from double-glazed windows, even if they are tightly dried up to the glass.

There is no permanent solution for cleaning window panes it just need regular care and protections. If you want any permanent solution then Go Retractable is your #1 source for Patio Screens and Awnings. Get in touch to learn more…



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  1. I loved point #3 about cleaning window inside upside down and outside side to side (or vice versa), I wonder how come I never thought about it. Now that I have read it, nothing else makes sense 🙂 You are a legend

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