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Water Main Problems You May Face & How To Solve Them

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Clean water

Clean water

Two systems make up the plumbing system of a property: the drain-waste and the water supply systems. The line that gives way for treated water to reach your house from your local water supply is your property's new water mains, which is your primary pipe. Next are the various water pipes whose function is to channel water to the specific spots in the house where they are needed- these are areas like your washing machine, dishwasher, and faucets.

If something goes wrong with your home's water supply system and it ends up being damaged, you risk going through a series of successive problems in your property. These include:

  • Dirt and other contaminants may find their way into your water, thus compromising its quality.
  • Your drains can develop leaks, resulting in costly water damages, wastewater leakage, a spike in water bills, and molds may also develop.

It is for the reasons that we've highlighted that you want to pay attention and not hesitate when you are confronted with the challenge of repairing your waterline or water main repair. Furthermore, pay attention when you see the signs below.

Water Main Issues You May Face

Water That Is Dirty, Rusted, or Smells Bad

When your property's water main breaks underground, the damage exposes it to elements like dirt which infiltrates the clean water from the public water supply. Check your water for indications like reddish color or a rusty tint- these are proof of corroded water pipes. In this case, the water getting into your house is considered unsafe for drinking as it can cause poisoning, which is why you need to manage the problem fast.


A Spike in Water Bills

We know that it's not easy to point out a problem in your plumbing system impromptu. However, you can count on your water bills to reveal a hidden problem. If you notice that your water bill reading is relatively high even though your water consumption remains the same, this shows your property is suffering a hidden leak. So you will most likely want to contact your local plumbing company for source detection and solutions.


Pools of Water in Your Front Yard

Heavy rains and poor drainage usually lead to wet patches in the yard. If these puddles don't go away, there's a good chance a pipe is leaking underground. It would be best to fix this as soon as possible to prevent major and expensive damage.


Floors, Walls and Ceilings With Wet Spots

When you notice damp floors, or in some cases, bubbling or wet patches on your ceiling, there's a chance that your home is suffering from a hidden leak. If you're experiencing leaks in your basement, the signs could be even more apparent - you'll probably see water leaking up through the floor or walls of the basement area. Turn off the property's water supply by turning off the main shut-off valve to prevent further damage, then contact a plumber.


Water Pressure Is Low

If you only have low water pressure from one of your plumbing fixtures, there's something wrong with that one. The good news is that it might not be the entire plumbing system that requires fixing. However, when you have the same experience throughout the home, that's a sure sign that water is escaping courtesy of leakage in your water man or from other water source pipes.


Sinkholes or Potholes

In most cases, you will find the water main running right under the home's driveway or sidewalks- which makes it a place to watch. When you have your water main leaking underground, the effects will cause your pavement to be unstable from sogginess. When the condition worsens, your pavement or driveway will develop potholes.


Running Water Noises

Sometimes a leak is so loud you can hear it from a mile away. It's not always easy to detect a leak because different leaks can sound different. It may sound like running water or dripping water. Some leaks may be more subtle and sound like a gentle stream. However, when you hear these sounds, even when you are not using the washing machine and there's no water usage in the house, you know there's a problem that needs fixing.


Repairing and Replacing Water Mains: Tips

When you spot a water main leakage, you want to get it fixed immediately. It helps you escape the effects of long-term water damages that your home or property is likely to suffer.


Go For a Complete Replacement When There Are Danger Signs

The danger signs include:

  • The home or property is more than 50 years
  • There have been persistent plumbing problems over the last few months or years.

All these are indications that a quick fix might not be enough to fix the water main issue.


Consider Trenchless Replacement

Trenchless technology saves you the trouble of digging a large hole across your property when replacing your water main. It is now trendy among homeowners who want to maintain their lawn and keep the condition of their exterior as pristine as possible.


Be Informed Before Digging

Pipes are broken and need to be repaired at once every six minutes in the United States. Attempting to do a water line repair without the proper expertise and knowledge of the utility lines can be disastrous. Calling 8-1-1 first guarantees that you and the professional plumber will be protected from potential dangers like electrocution.


Ignore DIY Repairs

Don't try fixing your plumbing repairs by yourself. We know that there are tutorials online that can walk you through the process, but in our opinion, it's best to let the pros handle this one. DIYers often end up with an expensive do-over after they make things worse. And who knows what other damage is waiting for you after making a mistake.


The Cost for Repairing Your Main Water Line

A water service line repair can cost you as much as $1,487. On average, these repairs will range from $333 to $910. You'll usually pay between $70 and $120 every hour, and materials, for a water line repair.

Whether you're contemplating repairs to a current water line or perhaps a full replacement, ensure you hire a professional plumber for a new water mains service. And also to assist you in properly assessing your alternatives. They can give you the most accurate figures on the cost of the job, what local rules are applicable, or whether you may use a trenchless option.