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How To Arrange A Modern Living Room

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living room fireplace

living room fireplace

Mid-century modernity is an extremely popular home style, and it is no surprise as to why it is extremely popular. This style features sleek, basic designs which also display a sense of futurism through different shapes, patterns, and materials. We also need to consider, why is this style extremely popular? Well, as far as we are aware, most home stores and online retailers do tend to favour this style, and the majority of pieces that they stock, display this style and design throughout the furnishings. It is always a great idea to buy mid-century modern style pieces as they are so versatile, and these furniture styles and shapes all tend to fit well with one another. However, the main struggle is piecing them together within your living space. Stay tuned if you wish to gain some tips on how to arrange a modern living room.

Identify the focal point

First things first, walk into your room, stand in the middle of the space and take a look around. You will begin to gain an understanding of your surroundings including the dimensions of the room, and more importantly where your focal point is. A focal point is more or less the main aspect or feature within a room and acts as the emphasis point that you should arrange every other aspect of furniture around. The focal point of a living room does tend to be the fireplace, or most commonly the TV. Although the fireplace is already situated on a wall, it is important to ensure that if your focal point is the TV, you choose the most suitable wall for it to be placed on, or in front of. Take factors into account such as wall size, cable specifications, and window light and reflection that can interfere with, or disrupt TV image and performance. For a modern approach, we would advise placing your TV on your wall. This will look sleek and also utilise wall space whilst freeing up the space where you once placed a TV unit. Therefore, your space will appear more open and modern. Click here for professional TV aerial installation


Avoid gluing furniture to the walls 

No, we don’t literally mean gluing your furniture to the walls, however, if you do place your furniture in this position, you may as well bring the glue stick out! This is not a great way to achieve a modern look. Some homeowners believe that by pushing furniture as far out to their walls as they can, they are creating a wider and more spacious atmosphere which in turn, makes the home look modern. However, pushing these pieces closer towards the centre of the room creates a more comfortable and intimate looking atmosphere, and also diverts more attention towards the furniture itself than the floor. Now, what is the point in investing in beautiful, modern furnishings when they cannot be shown to their full potential? The most important thing to bear in mind is to choose furniture that fits in with the room's size. Furniture pieces that jam up amongst one another will only display a cluttered and jumbled look within the room. 


Choose a sleek coffee table

As we have previously discussed focal points, we believe that a coffee table is essentially the focal point of a modern living room's floor. A large, stylish coffee table will not only fit the aesthetic of the room but, also serves practicality. It is a vital piece for when you have guests over for a coffee or even a party, and could also be used to display some contemporary accessories. Some much-loved modern accessories include stacked books, candles, plants, and vases. Be sure not to clutter these items amongst one another as it could spoil the overall look. Keep in mind that minimal is key when attempting to achieve a modern look. 


Incorporate light and reflection

Modernity can be achieved through different forms of light as well as reflections. The reason is that they create an illusion of a larger room space. Simply placing a large, body-length mirror horizontally above a sofa, or even vertically within the corner of your modern living room should open up the space more due to the created reflections. Alongside this, natural light is a key factor in visualising additional space click here for more. A room will very much appear smaller when blinds and curtains are closed fully, and sunlight shining directly into a room can energise and brighten up the space, creating an illuminated atmosphere and enhancing the furniture pieces. Alternatively, once the sunsets, ensure that your living room contains a few styles of lights, including floor and table lamps that will allow you to brighten the space within the evening hours. 


Accessorise minimally

Once your furniture has been evenly distributed within your room space, it is time to accessorise and add a personal touch. A modern living room should avoid clutter at all costs. To avoid clutter, dispose of any unwanted or unused objects, or even keep them in storage to alternate accessories and ornaments throughout the year when applicable. Too many accessories in one space can be visually overwhelming, and too much going on within one space will not fulfil the modernised appearance you aim to achieve. 







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