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6 Living Room Decoration Upgrade Tips Worth Considering

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Are you thinking of revamping your living room? Below are our six best tips on how to change up the décor design for a new look.

1). Find Inspiration

Having a vision will set the stage for you to get things right when decorating your living room. You can check out blogs, magazines, and social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram to find a few ideas. Pay attention to the colors, textures, spatial layouts, and other décor details. Download the images that speak to you the most that echo what you would like to see in the new setup. They can be an excellent point of reference when you start decorating, and you feel you need some new ideas that will shape what you desire to achieve.


2). Plan The Layout

Figuring out what goes where should precede other things like painting the walls and hanging the window treatments. It most likely will be a challenging aspect of the décor revamp for your living room because the room’s dimensions and your furniture are a limiting factor you have to contend with as you strive to make smart choices.

You can achieve good results when you determine a focal piece to guide you on where to start. For the living room, the focal piece will be your couch. You then should figure out where you want it to go and arrange the other items around it, making sure you strike a flow in the layout. You should leave enough space for people to maneuver unrestrictedly. Position the largest items around the room’s perimeter to avoid creating physical and visual blocks.


3). Paint A Neutral Color

Allow your preferences to guide you on the paint color for your living room. Also, think of what you want to achieve and avoid going for vibrant hues. Consider playing it safe by going for neutrals like gray and sage. Your primary goal should be to create a comfortable and welcoming living space. Bold or vibrant colors such as orange and red make the brain stay alert, limiting your efforts to relax and unwind when you are in your living room.

With the living room being at the heart of your home, where people gather and socialize, it significantly influences how the rest of your house is perceived. The neutral colors will give it a toned-down personality, while the bold hues make it come off as too over the top. Moreover, the neutrals present an opportunity to inject character with accents like enchanted forest wallpaper and art. Check out the color theory and other visual inspirations that will help you figure out which paint colors work best for your project.


4). To Rug Or Not To Rug

Nothing stops you from throwing an area rug onto your carpeted living room floor. Rugs are a fantastic addition when you want to achieve a visual break to your flooring. They exude texture and color and can be used to create a designated area in your living room if it is based on an open floor plan. Nevertheless, pick your rug wisely. Ensure it is of the right style and size.

Picking one that is too small will throw your living room off balance if it big, disrupting the room’s inherent flow. Conversely, a massive area rug dwarfs the other items in your living space, making them seem smaller and misplaced. To avoid all this, go for something that hits the sweet spot, and achieving it calls for precise measurements before shopping for the rug.


5). Explore Texture And Color

Redoing the décor in your living room has significant design potential. Therefore, your creativity and imagination could be your only limit factors. Consider décor items that evoke your personality while providing diversity in color and texture to your living space.

For instance, you can layer the textures on your window treatments or even your couch by adding something different. A blanket and throw pillows are an excellent example of how to refresh your couch. Contrasting window treatments will bring some pop while putting up pictures and hanging several items will add pops of color and text to the walls. Explore the different possibilities by taking caution not to make the room feel overcrowded. It should be cozy and welcoming.


6). Bring In The Green

Your living room should have adequate natural lighting, and this is an opportunity to display your efforts to go green. Adding a few indoor plants can inject some color and dimension while providing health benefits. Plants help purify the indoor air and lower stress levels. Consider faux greenery and flowers if you are not so much into plants. They are an excellent way of refreshing the living room and are low maintenance.







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