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Questions You Should Ask When Selecting A New Boiler

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If you need to replace your boiler or are unsure if you actually need to replace it, then make sure to keep reading. All because a company or person informed you that you need to replace it, doesn't necessarily mean that this is the case. You should always get another opinion. Visit www.glasgowgasengineer.co.uk/boiler-replacement.

We'll now look at a couple of questions you should ask your plumber before making a decision.

First of all, you should find out if your heating engineer is Gas Safe Registered if you have a gas boiler. If you have an oil boiler, you should find out if they are OFTEC registered. Make sure to ask for their registration information so that you can do your own checks to ensure their registration is valid as well as up to date. You definitely don't want someone who isn't registered or up to date since they won't know the latest changes in safety.

What is the new boiler's efficiency rating?

The supplier should be able to provide a percentage based efficiency rating. Make sure that you also cross reference this on the database for boiler efficiency.


What is the best type of boiler based on my particular situation?

Keep in mind that all new boilers are also condensing boilers. The only time this type of installation isn't done is if the installation is too challenging or not practical. There are a couple of different types of boiler systems such as conventional, system and combination. So, the best type of boiler would depend heavily on the number of bathrooms in your home, how many persons live there, if you can place a tank on your roof and how much space is available. So, be sure to take all of these things into consideration before deciding.


Are my current heating controls suitable for the new boiler?

This is important to ask if you have old controls. In many cases, it would be more efficient to replace them.


What is the warranty and guarantees on the new boiler?

Find out the warranty on the boiler as well as if there are any warranties on labor and parts. If you've had any extra plumbing and pipework done, this is especially important.


What type of boiler do you typically install and what are your reasons?

You should also find out how reliable that particular boiler is and the cost of the parts. Make sure that you do your own research since you don't want to get a boiler that has expensive parts or even unreliable to begin with.


Would a power flush be required for your heating system before you put in the boiler?

In many cases this is necessary since there is usually sludge as well as rust that would be inside of pipes. This would cause many issues with a new boiler. As a result, the warranty may actually indicate that a power flush has to be done in order for the warranty to be valid.


Can you place the condensate pipe within my home? (If installing a condensing boiler)

This will ensure the pipes don't freeze in the winter months since this is a common issue.

In the event that you are utilizing solar water heating to lower your electricity bill, you need to let the company or engineer know beforehand. This is important because it will affect your quote as well as the type of hot water tank that can be installed.







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