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Great IT Solutions for Your Real Estate Business

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As competition remains high, it's unsurprising that so many realtors are on the hunt for tools, applications, and software platforms that can give them an edge. Often, this can mean the difference between success and failure in such a saturated industry. Even local markets that don't face as much ongoing demand as New York City need to find ways to compete and stay relevant.

That's why many real estate agencies and firms choose ITSM platforms. While it's always helpful for a realtor to use platforms to bolster strengths, it's also clever to incorporate technology to mitigate weaknesses. Here's what you need to know.

IT service management can help you maintain consistent messaging.

Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business

Nowadays, many real estate firms rely on the workflow improvements that different software platforms and ITSM applications offer. You might see asset management, knowledge management, incident management, and other ITSM tools within a single agency. While each tool occupies a unique space within a realtor's business, these disparate, piecemeal solutions may not be able to interface adequately.

When you depend upon several different IT services, it's important to focus on configuration management and some degree of automation. Otherwise, you risk providing conflicting messaging that can easily damage your brand's credibility. This is where ITSM software can help.

Say, for instance, you manage a portfolio of mountain land for sale. Mountain land is often in demand and attracts high-end buyers. Theoretically, it should be easy to sell, as long as you follow best practices. However, across your custom tech solutions and managed IT services, it's difficult to maintain your message integrity, especially without an ITSM tool or some level of automation.

With the right ITSM tool, you can help ensure more consistent messaging, follow best practices, maintain integrity, and even improve your knowledge base. This then translates to service requests, open house appointments, and stronger sales. Even if you're not selling a parcel of land in the mountains with easy access to ATV trails and skiing, the premise remains the same.

ITSM empowers connectivity and problem management.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Especially these days, your realtors are more likely to primarily work remotely and use a spread of software platforms, tools, and apps to navigate your firm's sales pipelines. This can easily create a complicated workflow and impact your service catalog.

With the right ITSM solution, it's easier to foster greater levels of connectivity for the end-user. Many ITSM tools have this utility which makes them invaluable to agencies and firms. Plus, it's simpler to access your ITSM tools and project status with the help of a self-service portal.

On top of all this, since employees are still primarily working remotely, your ITSM solution means that your office is now wherever your agents are. This directly benefits your service manager and provides agents with a greater spread of helpful tools and IT support capabilities.

It's more intuitive to review a dashboard for a quick look at current analytics, review project management, and address any productivity hurdles. This has wider benefits that can even start to impact your customer service efforts and outreach positively.

ITSM is a modern solution for modern problems.

ITSM benefits real estate agents in more ways than you might suspect. Primarily, it enhances connectivity, reduces the risk of data loss, and offers added security, all in a lower-cost SaaS package.

While ITSM can't solve every problem in your business, it can help you identify common bottlenecks that impact your customer service, productivity, and overall performance.

All you need to focus on is finding the right service provider. Whether you're interested in mobile app connectivity, problem management, or other key features like a ticketing system, the right ITSM connections can help you succeed.





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