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Water Softener System: How It Works

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Salt Based Water Softener

Salt Based Water Softener

Do you feel troublesome when you get hard water in your taps, and it does not come out quickly? This is the moment when you need a water softener. The best-rated water softeners system works to soften the hard water and make it able to drink, wash, and use for any purpose effortlessly. This water conditioner works by removing hard elements like magnesium, calcium, iron, and other particles from the water and replacing them with sodium ions for regular consumption.

The water softening process not only softens the hard water and saves water from extra wastage and conditions your skin, hair, and fabric after washing from processed water. It also saves detergents and soaps from wastage because unlike hard water, soft water quickly dissolves soaps and detergents in it and removes them promptly.

So, these were some specifications of a decent water softener, but you must have been thinking about how the best water softeners work and how they process hard water to transform it into soft. Well, I am here to let you know the step by step process of a water softener.

How does it work?

A whole house water softener comes in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, and styles. You can purchase these products according to your family size and amount of water consumption. Moreover, you can install this product anywhere without any trouble; in the garage, under the sink, basements, into the cupboard, or anywhere since they come in a compact size. Anyhow, below is the step by step process about how a water softener works.


Install the system

The first step you need to do is install the water softening system and connect this to the water pipelines to soften the hard water. Installing a water softener is not an easy task; you should call fully professional plumbers who will fix the system and connect them all over your house. Depending upon the size of the product, you can install the fixture under the sink, garage, or even backyard, and then it would start processing hard water.


Ionic beads trap hard water minerals

Once your water softening system is installed in your house, it would instantly start working against hard water. There are numerous little ionic beads inside the two-cylindrical resin that would start trapping hard water minerals like calcium, magnesium, and other ions that make water hard. These beads attract these particles since they contain negative charges so they can easily attract these minerals towards them. This means that the calcium and magnesium ions are passed through this dual-cylindrical resin by attracting the beads.


Transforms into sodium

When these hard water minerals have entered the resin, it will start regenerating these ions and transform them into sodium. Sodium has a more substantial charge than that of magnesium and calcium, so it takes these ions away from the water and sticks to the resin. This whole process of exchanging ions is done by the brine available inside the resin. When the sodium is attached to the resin, it drains all the other hard water ions out and delivers the water.


Regenerates the process

Usually, a water softener has two; softens hard water and regenerates the process. A dual-cylindrical water softener regenerates the process, which takes place without any interruption, and you get the continuous soft water 24/7. In a two-cylindrical water softener, there is a duple-parallel operation that regenerates the process and provides you with the fresh soft water all day.


Get soft water effortlessly

Once the whole system is installed and starts transforming hard water, you would be benefited in many ways. Contrasting hard water, soft water conditions the fabric and brings a shine to it. Moreover, you feel silky and smooth hair and soft skin. Besides, soft water consumes less soap and detergents and washes it off quickly. Now, you can get consistent soft water in your taps; there are no worries about water wastage, fabric color fade, rough hands, and dull hair.


Advantages of Water Softener

Getting a decent water softener means making a healthy lifestyle by having plenty of advantages. Here are some key benefits of a water softener.

  • A good water softener makes the hard water soft and makes it drinkable. It removes unwanted taste from hard water and enhances the taste by removing hard ions and minerals from it. It not only enhances the taste but also filters the water and makes it safe to drink.
  • As I mentioned above, it conditions your hair, hands, and skin and eliminates all the roughness from your body. Not only, body, it also enriches dull and faded clothes and makes them as bright as new.
  • Furthermore, soft water can easily travel in pipelines and taps. You may have noticed; when you turn on the taps, it takes time to deliver water because hard water is tough and heavy in pipelines. When the water is soft, it takes no time to provide water in taps.
  • You can save lots of money because hard water consumes more soap and detergent while cleaning. Additionally, while cleaning this detergent, it needs more water to remove them off. So, when you use soft water, it would consume less detergent, soaps, and water to clean stuff, and you can save much money on spending on these things.


Bottom Line

Here was a stepwise process of a water softener that generates hard water into soft and provides you with great plus points. When you install a water softening system in your house, you would automatically feel the difference before and after installation. Usually, hard water leaves stains on utensils and clothes when you wash them with it; this thing wastes your money and destroys your stuff. Therefore, if you live in an area where there is no supply of soft water, you just opt for a good water softener which improves your skin, hair, fabric, and saves your money. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the market now and pick the best water softener and get unlimited soft water whenever you need.







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