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7 Benefits To Installing A Whole House Water Filtration System

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Levoit water filter

Levoit water filter

A whole house filtration system is a point of entry (POE) filtration system that, as the name suggests, is a system installed into the home with the aim of filtering and purifying all the water coming in from the local water sources. There are many benefits and advantages to be experienced by having this system installed in your home.

Lets take a closer look at these, below:

1. Softening Hard Water

There are many regions where the water coming from water sources is referred to as hard water. Hard water is characterized by being high in dissolved minerals -- primarily magnesium and calcium. The main effect of hard water is often felt in the film of residue left on hands or on other areas of the body after use. Of course, the harder the water in your region, the more pronounced this residue is.

A whole house water softener system will be very efficient in removing these mineral deposits from hard water, thereby removing the effect of the residue and the other negative effects that come with hard water -- some of which are benefits in their own right says: Qualitywaterlab.


2. Potable Water Everywhere in the Home

Also known as drinking water, it's never recommended to drink water that has not been properly filtered or purified. To get drinking water from the taps in the home, sometimes point-of-use (POU) filters are attached to pipes to help ensure that the water is fit for consumptions. These POUs are usually added to kitchen taps. Even better than POUs, however, is having a whole house filtration system. Whole house filtration systems help ensure that water that is clean, safe, and fresh to drink is available from every tap in the home.


3. Improved Odor and Taste

As the water entering your home is purified by the whole home filtration system, it not only becomes fit for drinking as intimated above, it also becomes improved in its odor and taste. Of course, both of these benefits auger well for potable water. However, they are still unique benefits and are highlighted as such.

4. Removing Chalky Deposits

A white film or chalky deposit left behind on pots and pans, and other utensils around the home is another symptom of hard water rich in mineral deposits. Over time, hard water also results in a buildup of layers of residue in pipes and plumbing material. This, in turn, reduces the water flow into one's home, as well as the functional efficiency of certain appliances.

In addition to reduced flow and sluggish appliances, the buildup of chalky residue on your pots, pans, glasses, and other utensils will reduce the beauty of the items over time. This, of course, can prompt premature purchases and replacements, causing you to spend in the immediate term possibly more than you budgeted for (a lot sooner than expected) on items that would have otherwise lasted longer.

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5. Reduced Iron and Manganese Stains

In addition to the aforementioned minerals (namely magnesium and calcium), there are some water sources that carry manganese and iron deposits. These deposits leave unsightly stains on tubs, toilets, sinks, water appliances, and even some clothes and dishes that are cleaned using said appliances. These stains are typically brown, red, yellow, orange, or tan in color. In addition to leaving stains behind, water rich in iron and manganese carries with it certain types of bacteria that can prove harmful through daily water-based activities like showering, brushing teeth, or even drinking.

A house water filtration system that helps remove these deposits from your water will help save lots of headaches in the long run.


6. Longer Laster Pipes and Appliances

Unsurprisingly, hard water and the residues left behind will over time lead to the building up of deposits in the pipes leading water to your home. The same is true for appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. This is due largely to the fact that mineral deposits over time result in a hard buildup that significantly shortens the life of the pipe or appliance.


7. Money Saver Over Time

Although a whole house filtration system can prove to be more expensive at the onset than the POU option, whole house filtration is an investment that pays for itself over time in several ways. For starters, having a longer-lasting plumbing system and appliances due to a reduction in mineral buildup means that you save money in early repairs or replacements of said items and fixtures. Additionally, a whole house filtration system can last on average up to 20 years -- further ensuring it pays for itself over time.


BONUS: Bacteria and Viruses

While it is true that one size doesn't fit all and that no one filtration system is perfect, it is generally true that a whole house water filtration system will help to remove some of the bacteria and viruses that are carried by the minerals in hard water. Even without all the other benefits listed above, this benefit alone makes it clear that the purchase of the best whole house water filter that money can buy allows you to keep you and your family healthy and safe for years to come.







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