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4 Ways To Give New Life To Your Living  Room

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Tips To Give New Life To Your Living  Room

living room

living room

From watching the big game to entertaining guests over hot cups of coffee, the living room says a lot about hospitality. But more than just a place for leisure, the living room is a piece of art in itself.

And like paintings and sculptures, the appearance of the living room diminishes over time. You will need to have it retouched every now and then to keep it fresh.

Here's a nifty guide on how you can freshen up the living room and make it look new.

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1. Replace or repurpose old wooden furniture

How long has that coffee table been in your living room? How about the shelving unit? You can't expect hardwood furniture to last unless you take good care of it but there will be times when the material itself becomes brittle because of termite infestations or high humidity.

Either way, you will need to consider rehab for damaged furniture by filling up gouges and dents and finishing up with a coat of varnish. For more serious damage, you can actually repurpose some parts to make other furniture. A broken down bookshelf, for instance, could make a great footstool.


2. Add new fixtures

Nothing gives your living room a more modern appearance quite like adding new fixtures here and there. Consider ceiling fans, bookcases, and hat racks. You can also look at modern living room molding ideas to properly frame the most important parts of the living room.

However, deciding on what lighting fixtures and woodworks to add to your living room will depend entirely on the theme you chose. If you're looking to give it a more rustic look, then consider decor and other features that achieve such an effect.


3. Pick the right color

Of course, you can't give your living room new life if it is still overlayed with the same color palette. Repainting the walls is a great way to make your living room stand out, but there are a few factors that you will need to keep in mind when handling this project.

For starters, pick a colour that provides the effect you want. A predominantly beige colour palette, for instance, gives a more luxurious vibe while greytones can make the living room appear larger. At any rate, you will need the right contractor in your neighbourhood to do a professional job. If you're looking for someone who specializes in house painting in Aurora, for instance, try to get referrals from people you know.


4. Go natural with plants and herbs

Plants truly bring out the best in any area around the house. Not only do they liven up a space, but they can also give a calming effect to the people around them. You just have to pick the right plants to complete the overall appearance of your living room. Apart from succulents, you can also look at lemongrass, snake plants, and peace lilies to give your living room a piece of zen.

Try these ideas out and see if you can give your living room a much-needed turnaround!



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