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Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier Amid COVID-19

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Coronavirus Precautions Starts From Home

During the pandemic, life can get hectic and overwhelming. This is especially true for those who have lost their jobs during this time. If you're working from home and/or homeschooling your children you may be flooded with so many emails. And just when you think you've gotten the hang of everything, another email appears asking you to send pictures of your children's work!

We are learning new details about the virus every day and coming up with new ways to create protective equipment and distance ourselves from others. Shipments of essential items are being slowed down due to manufacturing issues and more grocery stores are encouraging fewer people to be present in the stores.

Home delivery is now being offered at a reduced price. There is a lot to worry about but you can ease some of the tension by adhering to these simple tips and tricks to make your life easier amid COVID-19.



Home Automation

Home automation is a great way to save time and keep your distance from delivery workers. By installing an automated doorbell you'll be able to see who is at your door and ensure that only one person gets the delivery. This way you can sanitize your products and keep everyone safe.

Controlling your home appliances and lighting has never been easier using home automation tools. Using specialized electrical plugs, devices, and sensors you can turn your home into a smart home. Once you've got your home automation devices setup and synced you can control your home using a mobile device or simple voice commands.

Grocery Delivery

Ordering online has been the go-to choice for most families in this unprecedented time. Since ordering is a popular method, retail outlets have been swamped with orders leaving waiting periods to be two to three weeks out.

Corona virus

COrona virus

Some good news is restaurant chains like Panera Bread have switched to providing grocery services because the need for fast food has slowed down. If you're trying to order your food for delivery, be sure to do a wide search. You may be able to find a faster cheaper service that will deliver food to you in a timely fashion.

Organization Tools

If you're homeschooling or just working from home it can be hard to stay organized. Calendars are helpful for remembering dates but if you're trying to organize photos for your projects or digital photos of your children's schoolwork the memory on your computer may start to fill up.

To ensure that your computer is working at its full potential try using a digital photo manager. Having unlimited photo storage will help free up space in your current device and help you stay organized. Don't let your photos get lost in your files, get a photo manager today and start organizing!

Trying to keep your family safe is a tough job. You won't have to peer out of your blinds to see who is at your door or search for a light switch again with smart home devices. The less contact you have with others the safer you will be. Always check around to see if any local businesses are offering home delivery services before you head out to do your shopping. Grocery ordering ensures that fewer people are in stores which will make it less likely for the virus to spread.

home automation

home automation

There are companies who are offering free delivery as well, be sure to look into all of your options before making your purchases. Stay organized and keep your children's work organized with a digital photo manager. You'll be surprised at how much faster you'll be able to work and organize your children's schoolwork. Be safe and keep your distance while exercising and spending time outdoors!





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