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Ways To Keep Bathroom Mold-Free

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Your bathroom is one of the most common areas that foster the growth of molds. The ready availability of stagnating moisture is just apt for the growth of mold in these places. Growth of mold in your bathroom not only gives it a gross feel, but at the same time can also be harmful for the health of the people using the bathroom. Let us take a look at some useful tips to keep your bathroom mold free.

Circulating air

Expert plumbers Carnegie is of the opinion that one of the best ways of keeping your bathroom mold free is to keep it dry. Wet bathrooms are often the best breeding grounds of mold. This is why you must ensure in every possible way to keep your bathroom surfaces dry. Ensuring proper circulation of air in the bathroom is a great way of keeping it dry. Leave the bathroom fan on for half an hour or so to keep the bathroom dry. Open the windows if there are any to enable proper circulation of air.


Dry stands and slabs

Be sure to keep all your stands and slabs as dry and as tidy as possible. Often the racks and the stands where you keep your soaps and shampoos have accumulated water on them which remains standing for a long time. This can act as a great location for mold to develop. Hence keep these racks as dry and as tidy as possible. Washing them and then rubbing them dry once a week can work just fine.


Clean towels

Top consultants from noted plumber Murrysville have pointed out that more than just the bathroom surfaces must be kept clean to avoid the formation of mold. It is just as important that the towels and the other linen used in the bathrooms are kept clean and dry. The towels must be washed once every seven to ten days. Fresh towels must be kept in the bathrooms, to avoid the formation of molds there.


Clean curtains and liners

The curtains and the liners of the showers are yet again some of the places where molds can grow and can foster over a period of time. Hence you must clean these areas of your bathroom on a regular basis. Try to keep them as dry as possible. The lack of moisture can act as a barrier for the growth of the molds in these areas.


Wash rugs

If the floor of your bathroom has rugs on them, then it is imperative that these rugs are allowed to be dried at some point in time. Try to change the rugs every alternate day so that they can be dried in direct sunlight. Once a fortnight they must be scrubbed and washed thoroughly to ensure that they are disinfected properly.


Mend floor cracks

Hire professional plumbers like Neighborhood Plumbing to mend the cracks on your bathroom floors. These cracks are some of the favorite breeding grounds of the molds in your bathroom. They are not only unsightly for the vision but they are the areas where bacterial can develop and breed. Immediate mending of these cracks and damaged areas happen to be more than important.


Squeegee the floor after shower

Whenever you use the bathroom do not leave it wet and with standing water. Always squeegee the floor thoroughly to ensure that there is no water remaining on the floor. This is one of the elemental steps which will not only keep the floor dry but will also stop the breeding of molds and other microbes on your bathroom floor.



On a concluding note it must be said that your bathroom is one of the most important spaces of your house. This is the place where you take a bath and keep yourself clean. Hence it is more than imperative that this place is kept as clean and as tidy as possible. You must follow all the important steps so that molds cannot develop in your bathroom. The main point here is that you must keep your bathroom as dry and as clean as possible. Ensure proper air circulation for the space. This will help to keep the floor and the other bathroom surfaces clean and dry.







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