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Myths About Electrical Safety That Might Surprise You

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electrical safety

electrical safety

Humans have been working to harness electricity since the ancient Greeks discovered it. We are constantly learning new methods to use electricity thousands of years later. Unfortunately, when it comes to something as universal as electrical energy, there are likely to be some myths or half-truths that have persisted for far too long. Here are a few electrical safety misconceptions to debunk.

Popular Myths about Electrical Safety in the Home

You can do numerous things to protect your family and home against electrical dangers. To be safe, you must understand the risks and hazards of utilizing electricity and distinguish between fact and fiction. Here are seven typical home electrical safety myths to debunk.


Rubber gloves and shoes are excellent electrical insulators

Regular shoes and gloves are constructed of a combination of rubber and other materials that do not give complete protection from electric shocks. Instead of being insulators, they become excellent conductors. Only electrically safe and capable of protecting against electrocution are insulating shoes and gloves made of 100 percent rubber. A professional electrician Lake Worth can help you in any electrical problems of your house.


Electrical Hazards are reduced by Using Wooden Ladders

Although wood is a poor conductor of electricity, a damp wooden ladder or metal brackets can become an outstanding conductor. A high-voltage power supply is not an issue. When operating on low-voltage lines, however, caution is required. For any electrical problem of your house, you should call Electrician Burleson.


All of the power lines are well insulated

Outside, most electrical lines are naked wires that are not insulated. Despite having a weather-proof coating, the electricity supply wires do not provide any insulation or protection against shocks. No wire is safe to touch or approach. Electrician Lake Worth can help you in any problem of your house.


High-voltage power supply lines are the only dangerous ones

Electric current, regardless of voltage, is hazardous. Any electric source that enters your home through outlets is potentially dangerous and can harm you. As a result, you should never approach or touch an open, unsupervised electric line. Maintain a safe distance between your children and pets and the wires. Rather than doing it yourself, calling Electrician Burleson will be a smarter decision.


All wires and extension cords are weatherproof

It's important to note that all extension cables and wires are not ideal for outdoor use. If you wish to use an extension wire outside to hang holiday lights or lampshades, read the label and purchase only ones labelled for outdoor usage. A professional Electrician Lake Worth can help you in any electrical problems of your house.



Test lead contact is the only way to detect live voltage accurately

In the past, the most straightforward technique to achieve accurate findings was to attach test lead probes or alligator clips directly to electrical wires. This, however, necessitates metal-to-metal contact, which raises the risk of arc flash and potential injury to both the person measuring and the device being counted.

Recently, a novel technique that detects and monitors voltage without metal-to-metal contact was revealed. Using this technology, the measurement tool is isolated from the voltage source under test. Electricians and technicians put a single conducting wire into the open fork of the handheld test equipment to measure voltage. The risk of electrical shock and arc flash is lessened because they are not exposed to live voltage contact points. For any electrical problem of your house, you should call electrician Burleson.



Electricity is fraught with danger, and proper use necessitates minimizing that danger. We hope that you can now spot some of these falsehoods before making a decision that could put your life in jeopardy. Don't hesitate to call our professionals at Mr Electric of Fort Worth if you have any questions about electrical safety in your house.







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