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4 Ways To Make Your Air Conditioning System Last

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The air conditioning system in your home is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that you own or have access to. Not only does it cool you down during the summertime, but it also contributes to the comfort and health of your home throughout the year. However, just like any other type of equipment, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. Our goal with this blog article is to provide you with some advice on how to extend the life of your air conditioning system. Continue reading for additional details!

Get Your Air Conditioning System Serviced Regularly by a Professional

In the case that you don't schedule HVAC repair at least once every year, it should be at the top of the priority list. Regular air conditioner service provided by this Air Conditioning Repair in New Braunfels is the best and most effective method of extending the life of your air conditioning unit's compressor. Hire a professional to come in and clean, check, and service your Air conditioner to avoid minor faults developing into serious difficulties down the road. Make an appointment with a professional HVAC firm for regular maintenance. Not only do our air conditioning experts know what to look for in terms of prospective problems, but they also know how to make quick repairs when they are needed.


Change Your Air Filters Every Month Especially During the Summer Months

Air filters may look to be insignificant, yet they are among the most essential components of any air conditioning system. Non-electric air cleaners are designed to not only remove pet dander and other airborne impurities from your home's air supply but also prevent these particles from entering your air conditioning unit and slowing it down. The filters will be inspected and changed by the HVAC professional during planned air conditioner service, but you may need to do this more frequently if your system is older (depending on use). It is recommended that you replace your HVAC filters at least every three months during periods of high usage especially summer months to ensure that both your home's ventilation system and your air conditioner are as clean as possible. 


Keep the Area Around Your AC Unit Clear of Debris and Plants

Ensure that it is clean and free of plants and debris– Your air conditioner, like any other big appliance in your home, operates more efficiently when it is clean and well-maintained. Air conditioning equipment should be kept free of all plants and debris that could block air movement so that it can operate more efficiently and endure for a longer period. Plants that are too close to the equipment will result in leaves as well as other organic particles from the plants accumulating in the equipment. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for regular maintenance, and keep the cool air (condenser) free of mud, grass clippings, and other debris to ensure proper operation of the unit.


Make Sure the Vents in your Home are not Blocked by Furniture or other Subjects

The air conditioning unit works by pumping cool air into your home, and as a result, it must have enough airflow to function properly to be effective. Any obstructions in your home’s air vents must be removed from the system. Air circulation can also be blocked by placing objects or curtains in front of air conditioning vents. It will be more efficient for your system to circulate cool air throughout your home if all of the vents are open and unobstructed, allowing the air to freely flow through the home. Make an inspection tour of your house to ensure that no vents are blocked or concealed by furniture or other items.



The heating and cooling system in your house is responsible for keeping the inhabitants comfortable during all four seasons. If you’re facing any kind of problems with it, you should immediately contact a professional such as this AC and furnace repair San Marcos, as those problems can deeply affect your living environment.

Your HVAC system is operational all year round, day and night. At that rate, it won't be there for much longer. Keep in mind that if you take good care of your air conditioner, it will last far longer. It's also one of the expensive home maintenance projects you're likely to encounter as a homeowner, so you'll want to put off the inevitable for as long as you possibly can until it's too late. As an addition to the suggestions stated above, consider ceiling fans and smart switches to lessen the burden on your air conditioning system, and switch it off on colder days.







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