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3 Things You Need To Know When Installing A Car Charger At Your Home

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car charger

car charger

Are you thinking about an EV charger installation at your home? Here are three things you want to consider before making this decision.

1. Learn the basics of your unit.

Understanding how an at-home charger works helps you make the right decision about which unit best fits your needs. An EV charger installation doesn’t charge your car directly. The unit sends the household alternating current to your electric vehicle’s onboard charger, which then converts this current to direct current which gets stored in the car’s battery.


2. What are your specific charging needs and budget?

You can choose to have a level 1 connection, which will allow you to plug your car directly into your house outlet. This option, while the cheapest up front, only allows you to charge about 12 km per hour of charge time, making it the least effective option. A level 2 system will require special equipment and you will want to hire a professional to install the unit, bringing with it a higher upfront cost to install, but having a type 2 unit will allow you to drastically reduce the amount of time you need to fully charge your electric vehicle. Depending on the savings you get by switching to electric, you may look at the cost and figure out how long it will take you to make up this initial investment. Understand your specific charging needs to ensure you select the most cost-effective unit. Location, location, location! Pick a charging location that will bring you the greatest ease and usability.


3. Hire a professional!

Installing these systems involves working within the electrical system of your house and can cause severe damage if not done correctly. Allow yourself peace of mind by finding a professional electrician with EV charger installation experience to ensure you have a high-quality connection. These professionals will also be able to file the appropriate permits and ensure you are following all local regulations. They can offer continued support through regular maintenance and service repairs if there is ever an issue with your unit.

Bear these three things in mind and you should have a smooth, enjoyable EV charger installation process. Check out Vantage West who are one of the leading EV charger installers in Perth.







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