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4 Ways To Prevent Termite Infestation At Home

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If you find small piles of wood dust accumulated at some places in your home, it is incredibly close to wooden furniture due to termite infestation. Although it is common to have termites at home, these are the most unwanted bugs because they can severely damage all wooden items, including the building structure, so severely that it renders it hollow. Keeping a close check around the home through periodical inspections of every nook and cranny should help detect the early signs of termite infestation. However, no matter how insignificant it might appear, you must act fast to get rid of the most harmful pests by seeking the services of Elite Pest and Termite Control.

The most concerning aspect in dealing with termites is that it has already done considerable damage by the time you detect its presence. Therefore, the sooner you detect the presence of termites at home better it is to act fast for its eradication with proper pest control services. But, unfortunately, only professional pest control services can exterminate the pests that build colonies in your home and breed quickly to produce a huge population.

To prevent termites from building colonies in your home and spreading fast, you must take some measures mentioned in this article besides effective pest control treatment.

1. Reduce moisture in the home environment

Since termites thrive in damp environments, maintaining a dry environment at home by reducing excess moisture is one way to prevent termite infestation. Installing dehumidifiers can help to control moisture levels within permissible limits to maintain a dry indoor environment. The problem is less in summer when you run air conditioners, which help balance the moisture level for the required dryness of the indoor air.


2. Fix leaks

Identify leaks at various places of your home and decayed roof parts and arrange to fix them immediately. Moisture seeps in through the leaks and creates dampness that encourages termite infestation. Carry out frequent inspection of the entire home, focusing on the susceptible places like the dingy corners and the basement. Leakages in the basement are most inviting for termites due to the proximity to the soil surface.


3. Keep wood far away from soil contact

The garden at your home can play the perfect host to termites if wood and soil are in close contact. Keeping wood at least 18 inches away from the soil is safe to prevent termite infestation. It will keep the foundation of your home as well as furniture safe from termite attacks. Placing cement or stones between wood and soil can create a good barrier that stops termites from reaching the wood.


4. De-clutter your home

Carry out periodical home cleaning to get rid of many unwanted items like old magazines, cardboards, paper trash, and old newspapers so that the home is clean and clutter-free.  If you find pest infestation in one room, do not move any item from that room, including furniture, to any other place as it could help termites spread across the home.

Isolating the affected room and arranging for pest control treatment will save your home from invading termites.

Following the above tips will help you to prevent termite infestation.