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What Do Concrete Construction Businesses Do? Concrete Contractors Cincinnati 2023

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Placing concrete down is only the beginning of a concrete worker’s duties. Concrete contractors Cincinnati install foundations, create structures out of building materials, add concrete coatings to a project and erect retaining walls.

Any other type of concrete work that comes their way is part of this challenging job.

Sometimes the tasks are straightforward and comparable to what they have already done before. But sometimes, they are unfamiliar and require investigation or trial and error to complete successfully.

In the building and construction sector, concrete comes in 24 different varieties. However, it depends on what kind of construction job it is.

concrete construction

Basic Components of Concrete

Burns, corrosion, and rot can’t harm concrete. Additionally, it is resistant to earthquakes, winds, water, fire, and shocks.

This lowers costs while also ensuring public safety. When it comes to severe weather and natural calamities, concrete has shown to be the most resilient building material.

For those who are unfamiliar with this process, concrete is made up of three separate ingredients: water, and building material, which can be either sand, rock or cement.

Cement is a powder that creates a binding substance when combined with water and sand. As soon as the ingredients are mixed together, the mixture must be poured before it gets harder.

pouring concrete

How is Concrete Foundation built?

Because concrete installation is not quite as simple as it might appear at first glance, each concrete company has its preferred concrete laborers.

In order to produce a robust piece of concrete capable of meeting the requirements of any given construction site, concrete contractors require knowledge, skills, and discipline.

So, let’s talk about how to pour a concrete base.


Step 1

The first task for concrete companies is to settle on the concrete’s dimensions, form, depth, color, and even finish.

Every project has a choice to significantly change the requirements. Therefore, it’s important to have a complete picture before beginning work.

A concrete contractor will be better equipped to get to work after they have all this information.


Step 2

The area around the planned foundation must be thoroughly cleaned and removed.

Before the foundation is placed, the land must be prepared by removing any debris, stones, grass, trees, or plants and leveling the surface as much as possible.

Contractors must pay special attention to the base’s perimeter to ensure proper curing.

ready for concrete construction

Step 3

Form forms must be set up immediately as the foundation is ready to prevent the concrete from flowing beyond the designated area during the pouring process.

Wood is a common material used in the construction of these forms. Some contractors use plastic or metal, which is also a good option.

As soon as the forms have been placed precisely where they should be, it is time to begin pouring concrete up to the base of the forms.

levelling concrete

Step 4

After that, the concrete surface must be screed by professional concrete finishers. Thanks to this process, the concrete will be compact, flat, and polished on top.

Any seams or edges in the concrete must be set now to be held to the surface before the concrete hardens.

If the foundation is not going to be textured or stamped, you won’t have to do too many extra steps.

But once the surface of stamped or smoothed concrete starts to get hard, a steel trowel will need to be used to smooth it out.


Step 5

After the surface work is done, the final finish will be put on by concrete workers. Often, this has a “broom finish,” made by moving a special broom over the outer layer to make it rough.

But sometimes the finish needs to be stamped, have a roughness, or even be left plain.

The hardening process for concrete can take up to 28 days, but the first 48 hours are the most important for drying.

A curing substance can help with this process because it will fill down cracks, curls and discoloration on the top layer.


Summing Up

Setting up concrete may appear to be a simple task, but concrete contractors must know how to use all the necessary materials and machinery.

Additionally, they need to be aware of the risks associated with their work.

new concrete construction

Every concrete company needs to keep up with the most recent safety precautions because most of those problems can be avoided through specific safety procedures.

Workers in this field need to understand plans, interpret verbal and written directions and can perform basic math calculations.

Concrete workers should update their coworkers and managers on their progress as they carry out their duties.

After this, contractors must stop the process and let the foundation dry up. Some contractors use management software so that all team members receive timely updates.

This can also be done using more traditional methods like texting and emailing.

Working with concrete is a difficult job. But people who love to do it can make beautiful projects that will last long.







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