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Is It A Good Idea To Laminate Flooring In Kitchen?

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As a homeowner, it is a satisfying experience to pick new flooring for your kitchen. Not only does it offer a fresh look, but it also adds to the convenience. Finalizing the style of flooring, however, will require some research at your end. At times this whole process of completing the flooring gets stressful too. 

Out of all the choices that you will find in the market or receive as suggestions, laminate flooring, and reclaimed floorboards receive the right amount of attention. For years, these two remained a go-to-option. Let us find out more about how these two works in modern kitchens. 

Reclaimed Wood-For Sustainability and Style

Reclaimed wood flooring gives you a sense of history and amalgamates amazingly with tiles, stone and stainless steel. Your elegant kitchen looks decades old, all thanks to these floorboards. You get a chance to use a wood that is no longer available, and the aged look is undoubtedly something to fall in love with. 

It adds plenty of personality to your kitchen while saving some cash for you as well. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly practice too. Its popularity is primarily due to the exceptional design possibilities. You will have a distinct narrative to your overall décor, something that is difficult to find with the modern-day options. 

In terms of design, it gives your kitchen floor a beautiful tone and the weathered look, together delivering a strong appeal that is hard to resist. Also, on the factors of quality and strength, this kitchen flooring options wins hands down. 

However, one of the biggest turnoffs is the time that you need to invest in bringing your flooring project to completion. It is challenging to find the boards that match your design goals. Then the recent surge in its demand has led to a higher price for the worthy ones. 

Thankfully, finding reclaimed floorboards suppliers is now relatively easy, and you get a good choice as well. 


Laminate Flooring – Great Looks in budget

This flooring looks like wood, feels comfortable underfoot and falls within your budget. However, go for the stronger ones, if your kitchen space endures heavy traffic. Laminate flooring is made up of compressed fibreboard core, coupled with a photographic image of wood on the top. It is further sealed with a protective coating and varies in thickness. You have the choice of different finishes as well. 

It has significant aesthetic appeal and is a versatile flooring option. Available in diverse style, patterns and shades, these give you an authentic look of hardwood, and you can conveniently find one that matches your requirements. Contemporary or timeless, you will find one that feels personalized, stylish and unique. It generally has fewer defects and is easy to maintain as well. 

A layer of coating on the top ensures that the flooring remains protected from stains, scratches and fading. 

However, there is a flip side; you are opting for flooring that will get damaged due to moisture when exposed to an extended period. Unlike other floorings, you cannot refinish it, if it wears out. Instead, you need to replace the flooring altogether; also, if you are inclined towards choosing an environmentally friendly option for your kitchen flooring, it is not the right choice for you.


Laminate Flooring or Reclaimed Floorboards: Which one is right for you?

Ultimately it all boils down to your flooring goals for the kitchen, along with your time and budget. Reclaimed floorboards have a unique class and feel, whereas with laminate flooring you can enjoy the latest looks at a lesser cost. Pick the one that makes you feel excited. 



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