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What is Acacia Wood? Secrets You Should Know

Have you just bought a new house and wondering what flooring would be perfect for it? Or, are you planning to refurbish your homes to achieve a new look for the new year?

I have experienced picking out different types of flooring for our house. And although it’s a little tough to pick the best one, it was fun too.

I’m pretty sure you want to fully and carefully consider all options here. You have your needs and preferences, and they may be different from your contractor’s suggestion. But the thing is you just want to make sure you are going to use a sturdy flooring altogether. I do hope I am getting your thoughts right.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the things I learned about the flooring I picked for my home. I encourage you to read on, even if you have picked a different one for yours.

Wood is my favorite material in the world. It is not only durable but more importantly, it is also environment-friendly, cozy and has that natural feel. The colors of wood also bring out a relaxing vibe, and that’s what I love best.

For my house, I specifically picked an Acacia wood with some hint of Parawood and Sheesham wood. What is Acacia wood? What are Parawood, Mango and Sheesham wood? I hope I don’t sound like an alien here, but I’ll be telling you all about them.

About Acacia Wood

Acacia Tree On The Serengeti

Acacia wood obviously comes from Acacia trees. According to, these trees and shrubs usually grow in the Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Australia. In other parts of America, they also grow too.
Acacia wood has always been one of the best choices for constructing buildings and homes. It is tried and tested to be durable and long-lasting. Since it is a type of hardwood, it is also usually used to make pieces of furniture.

Also according to Urbanara (a manufacturer of home furniture and decor), Acacia wood is ideal because it is water-resistant. It is not prone to fungus infestation, and it cannot be scratched easily too. This wood is also said to last up to 40 years, believe it or not!

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All in all, it is the durability that makes Acacia wood the best choice. A lot of people whose Acacia-built homes are still standing for decades have attested to this.

About Parawood, Mango and Sheesham Wood

Acacia exotic wood planks

These two types of wood are rather unfamiliar for most of us. I said ‘us’ because I did not know about them at first until I did my search.

Parawood is a type of wood that comes from the rubber tree. Wait, what? Rubber and wood together? This article explains this seemingly confusing concept.

According to the article, a rubber tree produces latex sap that is used to make natural rubber. When the tree runs out of the sap, its wood can now be dried up and used for construction. A lot of people start to choose Parawood as flooring too, as it “shrinks little when drying.”

Meanwhile, as an alternative to acacia, a Sheesham wood can also be used. Both of them are types of solid wood which are obviously good for construction. However, they have differences in appearance and some unique qualities.

As discussed in article, a Sheesham wood is also called an Indian rosewood. It comes from really tall trees that go up to 30 meters. This wood is considered high quality and reasonably good for furniture making.

On the other hand, there is the mango wood. Mango trees are found in Asia mostly. They bear fruits (mangoes, of course). When they stop bearing them, they can be cut down in chunks of wood for furniture making. This wood is also known to be of high quality like Sheesham.

What to choose

Acacia Wood Furniture

So there you have it! Now that you have the most basic information about the best wood options, it’s time to pick. If you still can’t because they all look similar, just follow your gut feel, I guess. You can never go wrong with any wood, anyway.

The more important thing is that your home should be built with care, especially your flooring. It would be nice not to worry rebuilding only after a few years.

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