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What Is The Cost Of Remodeling A Kitchen

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home design kitchen

home design kitchen

            For most households, the kitchen is the epicenter of the home. It is the area where families spend most of their time and would sometimes entertain their guests. Almost every day, we use the kitchen. It is a very high functioning room which makes it prone to wear and tear through time.

If your kitchen has been the same for years, maybe you are now considering remodeling your kitchen to fix some worn-out cabinets, upgrade your appliances, or change the whole thing. And if this is your first time remodeling your kitchen, you are probably at a loss with how much you will spend. It’s tough to give an exact estimate as to how much a kitchen remodeling project should be because each kitchen has its own needs and features, depending on the owner. Here is a guide to give you an idea of how much your kitchen remodeling would probably cost:

How Big is the Renovation?

           When estimating the cost of your kitchen renovation, a factor that plays a major role is the size of the renovation. The national average cost to remodel a kitchen was estimated to be around $22000. The actual cost depends on the size of the project. The remodeling price could go as high as $50000 if you want a huge lavish project. But if you only plan to repaint, upgrade the sink, install a backsplash and refurbish the cabinets in a small kitchen, the price could be as low as $10000. Keep in mind that this could still vary because of the material that you plan to use.


Your Area is a Factor

            You have to note that where you live plays a significant role in the cost of your renovation. If you live in a city where real-estate prices are pretty high, expect to pay more than rural areas. It also varies from state to state since it will also depend on the cost of living in the place where you live in. Another thing to consider is the installers. If you live in an area with a higher cost of living, you have to expect that these installation companies would probably charge higher.


The Bulk of The Renovation Cost

Apart from the location and size of your kitchen remodeling, a considerable bulk of the money that you will spend for this renovation will go to your cabinets. Most people spend approximately 25 percent of their budget on cabinets. It may seem too much, but if you think about it, your kitchen cabinets are the most used area in your kitchen since it stores everything literally. You will want to purchase American-made cabinets if your goal is for them to last a long time. But you could also go for the budget-friendly route by buying cabinets at Ikea and other similar shops.

Another thing that takes up a considerable part of your budget is the appliances. Kitchen appliances are known to be quite pricey, especially the high-end ones. So if your large kitchen appliances like your fridge and stove still work pretty well, it may save you some money to hold on to them for a little longer.


Labor Costs

            As said earlier, installation costs vary in different places because of the cost of living. Labor cost is just the same. According to National Kitchen and Bath Association, labor costs range between 20% to 30% of the total renovation project. That’s a huge bulk of your budget. So if you want to cut some costs, you should consider doing some work by yourself. You can easily save a lot of money by simply painting the walls or do some heavy work like changing tiles if you are up for that.


Emergency Money

            When it comes to renovations, you’ll never know what’s hiding under your nose. It is a great practice to save about 20% of your total budget for unexpected things to happen like possible electrical problems or ducts that need to be replaced all of a sudden. This way, you already have money on hand, and you wouldn’t need to suddenly change your renovation plans just in case things like that happens.

            Kitchen remodeling does take up a lot of time and money. But keep in mind that the kitchen is probably the most satisfying area to remodel since it is the most used room in your home. A newly updated kitchen not only motivates you to use it more but also allows you to entertain guests. Plus, having an updated kitchen increases your home’s resale value.







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