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What Is Unique About Johannes Vermeer?

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vermeer painting
vermeer painting

Johannes Vermeer was a prolific dutch artist from the dutch golden age. Vermeer is known for his outstanding contribution to the Dutch Baroque and Rembrandt and Frans. But, significantly less of his life is known because of the mysterious life he led.

The mysterious life of Johannes Vermeer earned him the nickname “The Sphinx of Delft.” Just as his subjects in Vermeer painting were quiet and composed, his life also reflected it. John was a part of obscure beginnings but eventually gathered a lot of wealth and fame in his life before he lost it all in an instant.

Tap into the segment below to know more about the unknown facts and the extraordinary life of John Vermeer. There is a long list of things you still do not know about Vermeer artist, and this segment will highlight all such unseen dilemmas of the Vermeer artist.


The Sphinx of Delft

Johannesburg Vermeer was born in 1962 in the beautification city of Delft, situated in South Holland. He was born into a silk-merchants family, but his father later began working as an art dealer and innkeeper. This led Vermeer’s life pathways to be drawn toward artistic roads.

It was not very late that his father went into debt, leaving a challenge for John Vermeer to continue his passion for art. However, he took heads on challenges and practiced art all by himself. Yes, he was a self-taught artist and never went anywhere outside of Delft to continue his passion as an artist. His artistic roots became stronger and stronger in the city of Delft.

In 1653, after marrying a catholic woman, he shifted to his mother-in-law’s house, which was also in Delft. Johannes Vermeer’s paintings describe his love for his city in uncountable ways.

The painting of his hometown, “Little Street,” is a beautiful landscape out of the only two landscapes by Vermeer known to exist to this date.

The portraiture depicts 17th-century everyday life in the Delft. The present-day location of Little Street and the one Vermeer painted show some photographic attention to detail. Of course, a lot has changed until then, but his admiration and the precision of painting still leave the spectators awe-inspired by his artwork.

girl with the red hat painting by vermeer

Always Known For Genre Scenes

There are about 35 Johannes Vermeer artworks known, and the maximum of them are genre scenes. The wide array of his paintings consists of women preoccupied with regular day-to-day activities, as simple as reading letters, pouring milk, etc.

Vermeer’s paintings have a lot of captivating charm due to the crisp usage of light intensity through mere paints. His eye for presenting an extraordinary natural scene can not be justified in words. Daylight falls on his artworks in their most natural ways showcasing a balanced combination of light and shadow.

Vermeer had enhanced the passion for detailing through camera obscura, a precursor version before the camera existed. Like in his painting Milkmaid, a woman sitting by the window is pouring milk, and everything else around her is still.

She looks like a statue firmly planted in the earth, and the only movement the painting entails is of the flowing milk. It is Vermeer’s extraordinary capabilities to bring this scene to life through the exceptional gameplay of light and shadow.


Obsession With Developing Painting Techniques

Johannes Vermeer gave this world one of the most exceptional works of art, “The Girl With a Pearl Earring.” She is regarded as the Monalisa of the North and is a symbolic representation of a particular art technique and genre known as tronie. Paintings that fall into this category depict a so-called human figurine, an anonymous sitter.

The human type generally has an exaggerated or unusual expression and intricate, flamboyant costume. Vermeer spent a considerable amount of time finishing this statement piece. He put into detail famous techniques for mimicking light and the girl’s earring.

Many optics drive this heavy work of art, especially the depiction of pearl earrings. The textures and tantalizing luster appear as if the human form is gazing at us from every direction. Through mirrors, camera Lucida and camera obscura, Vermeer put on display one of the world’s most magnificent pieces of art.


His Artworks Remain Unnoticed Throughout His Life

It’s now that history bows his head in front of the artistic caliber of Johannes Vermeer. But, the tables turned exactly round when he was alive. Until the 19th century, Vermeer’s paintings remained unnoticed, and he enjoyed little success as an artist. No one admired his artistic talents, and most of his artworks remained unnamed.

It was only after the introduction of Theophile Thore Burger’s publications that he credited Vermeer for his hard work and passion. Then, in 1866, his artworks gained immense recognition and gathered a lot of exposure for his life-life portrayals.

Before that, many of his artworks were credited to other artists from the Dutch Golden Age. Metsu and Mieris were amongst them who collected a lot of fame for Vermeer’s artworks. But, the truth makes its way, and Burger’s revelations were just a way to give the Vermeer artist his share of fame, which he deserved in the first place.



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