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What Should You Understand When Buying Towel Rails?

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When it comes to design aesthetics for your bathroom, it is not just the closet and bathtub you need to focus on. Small things like towel rails are equally essential to get the perfect bathroom interiors in place.

Besides the decor, convenience also matters when it comes to fixing towel rails, as towels (hand towels and bath towels) tend to get damp after a single-use. Hence, it is crucial from a hygiene point of view that they are well-aired when hanged, keeping moisture and bacteria away. 

Towel Racks or Rails for Small Bathrooms

Installing rails in a small bathroom can be pretty challenging. Besides a space-saving rack, utility is of paramount importance. Did you ever think of having long handles for the sink drawers? These can double as handles and towel rails, and what's more, is that they are at the handiest of places – you need to reach down to dry your hands after a wash.

Though there may not be enough space to hang a bath towel, this idea is great for hand towels. Of course, this idea is excellent only if you have a single drawer; it won’t work if there are multiple drawers.


Install Them Where You Can Reach Them

Whether your bathroom is small or big and airy, the towel rails need to be fixed within easy reach. Imagine stepping out of your shower or bathtub to find your towel hanging a few feet away. The few seconds you stand dripping wet can be very annoying indeed. That doesn’t mean every inch of your bathroom walls should be covered with towel rails, making it look like a hardware store showcase.

You may want to think of selecting a couple of single-towel and one or two double towel rails, which you can fix in the bathrooms in your house, depending on the space availability in each one. 


Heated Rails

It is a great idea to have heated towel racks, which add to the decor of your bathroom and handy during winter. Heated rails help dry your towels faster in winter. Moreover, after a warm shower, no one wants to reach out to a cold towel. There's nothing like the comfort of a warm towel to dry you on a cold winter day. 

Another advantage of having heated towel rails in your bathroom is it helps remove the moisture and dampness, which is always associated with a damp, musty smell all of us hate. Moreover, it is a health hazard as bacteria love damp bath towels.

There are two types of heated rails – the ones with hot water passing through and the ones heated with a heating element. While hot water rails are somewhat cumbersome and take up more space, the thermal rails are easier to install and look very much like the regular towel rails, except for the heating feature. What’s more is, thermal rails are energy-efficient as they consume negligible electricity.


Summing it Up

Although towel rails are an essential fixture in any bathroom, picking and choosing the ones with aesthetic appeal and the best utility value can be somewhat challenging.



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