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Where Can I Find Eszopiclone Tablets Online?

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Eszopiclone Tablets

Eszopiclone Tablets

It is easy to purchase this medication online. There are many online shops which have this medication available for affordable and secure purchase. In order to purchase eszopiclone online, all you need have is an internet connection and a device like a smart phone or laptop. When you order eszopiclone online, you will receive FDA-approved branded medications or generics, as all reputable sites carefully check the quality of medications and authenticity of certifications.

Eszopiclone tablets are used to treat insomnia by helping a person with this condition fall asleep faster, and stay asleep throughout the night. This medication helps reduce the number of times you wake up during the night, so you can achieve a full night’s rest. When buying this medication online, reliable online pharmacies will provide valuable resources and support to assist with aspects like dosage and usage instructions.

Why Is Generic Lunesta Cheaper than the Branded Version?

Eszopiclone is the active ingredient in the brand-name medication, Lunesta. It is the more affordable generic version of this treatment that has been approved for the long-term treatment of insomnia. It is a non-benzodiazepine sleep aid, and you can buy eszopiclone at pharmacies and shops that sell licensed and approved generic products.

Due to an expired patent, other companies besides the original producer are permitted to manufacture and sell this medication at a substantially lower price. They are required to comply with strict manufacturing standards. The generic version of Lunesta is less expensive than the branded version due to the following reasons:

  •         Generic manufacturers use the same chemical formula to reproduce the medication and are not required to spend large sums of money on research and development.
  •         A multitude of companies obtain authorisation to produce the medication and competition between them drives the cost down significantly.


Eszopiclone Tablets for Onset and Maintenance Insomnia

Sleep onset insomnia is defined as difficulty initiating sleep. It happens when a patient spends more than 30-60 minutes in bed before transitioning from wakefulness to sleep. On the other hand, sleep maintenance insomnia happens when a person wakes up regularly during the night and has difficulty resuming sleep. You can treat both sleep onset and maintenance insomnia safely and effectively with this medication.

These tablets should be taken once nightly, just before going to bed. You should not take this medication with or directly after a big or heavy meal, as this can delay the effects. The recommended starting dosage is 1mg, which can be increased to 2mg or 3mg if necessary. This usually depends on your own personal medical condition, your age and your response to therapy.

Do not suddenly stop taking this medication as you may develop withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, cramps, vomiting or excessive sweating. If you do stop the use of this medication after using it for a relatively long period, it is recommended to gradually decrease your dosage. This should be done until you are completely weaned off it.

If once you stop taking this medication, you find it hard to fall asleep, rest assured that this is normal. It is called rebound insomnia and it should go away after a few nights. Gradually reducing the dose at the end of treatment will significantly reduce the chance of rebound insomnia.

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What Are The Side Effects And Precautions of Taking Eszopiclone?

Side effects may happen in a relatively small percentage of people. In clinical studies, common side effects that are associated with this medication include:

  •         Drowsiness
  •         Dizziness
  •         Dry mouth
  •         Headaches
  •         Unpleasant taste

It is important to take note that, although these side effects are listed as common, not everyone will be affected by them. Usually, less than 1 in 10 experiences common side effects and they typically only occur when the proper usage and dosage instructions are ignored. Therefore, in order to avoid these side effects, you should follow instructions on how to use this medication safely.

Make sure that you drink plenty of water to avoid a dry mouth whilst using this medication. This sleep aid may also make you tired during the day. If this happens, your dosage may need to be adjusted to a lower dosage level. As with most other medicines, you should avoid drinking alcohol or taking other medications that can make you drowsy whilst you are taking this medication.

If you experience dizziness, make sure you keep well hydrated and avoid caffeine. Sometimes, lying down until the dizzy feeling goes away is the best option. An unpleasant taste in the mouth can be prevented by using a mouthwash at night. Most often, a non-alcohol based mouthwash is the best treatment for this side effect.

In certain circumstances, the use of this medication is contraindicated for people with specific underlying health conditions. Avoid using this medication if you have any of the following pre-existing chronic diseases:

  •         liver disease or lung disease
  •         Sleep apnoea
  •         A rare condition called myasthenia gravis

If you feel drowsy the day after taking a tablet, ensure that you do not operate any heavy machinery or drive a vehicle until this side effect passes. Daytime drowsiness usually wears off over the course of treatment as you get used to the effects of this sleep aid. Senior adults may need to be more cautious when using this medication, as they may be more sensitive to the side effects. Their dosage is usually 1mg and this can be increased slowly to a maximum of 2mg if necessary.


Is It Safe To Buy Eszopiclone Tablets Online?

As you have to be careful when buying anything online and ensure you go through the proper channels, the same caution is advised when you buy eszopiclone online. Ensure that you use established platforms, which sell FDA-approved treatments and offer excellent service levels. Buy eszopiclone through a reputable site that has positive reviews, provides services such as responsive customer care, discreet door-to-door delivery and affordability of medications.

Most patients prefer to buy eszopiclone online as reputable platforms are safe and secure. Personal information is encrypted (meaning protected) and financial transactions are via recognisable channels, offering facilities for credit cards, debit cards and possibly other options as well. Established online pharmacies respect customers’ privacy throughout the process, including during dispatch, shipping and delivery.







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