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Why Does My Room Smell Bad? (And How to Get Rid of It)

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There is no one answer because there are a number of reasons why a room can smell bad. Did you leave food somewhere that may have gotten rotten? Is your dirty laundry well kept? Do you have a pet that may have had an accident? Is your room well-ventilated? Knowing the source is the first step. 

Have you changed your sheets? Why Does My Room Smell ?

Why Does My Room Smell

One of the main suspects of a smelly room is your bed itself. Overnight, whether you feel it or not, you sweat and drool.

If you don’t drool, your breath can still stick on your pillows. Your stench and moisture transfers to your sheets, so you should try to change them once a week for hygienic purposes.

Another thing you can try to prevent a smell from developing is by airing out your bed a little bit.

Don’t make your bed just yet! Keep the covers pulled back while you get ready. Then, just before you go out of your room, you can make your bed. That way, it had some time to air out.

Don’t eat on your bed

As much as possible, avoid eating on your bed or in your room. It’s hard not to leave crumbs or make a mess, no matter how careful you are.

Also, try not to touch things after eating and before washing your hands. Otherwise, you might be leaving a cheesy or greasy trail in your room!

Hang it up or put it in the laundry bag

Sometimes, we like to just take off our clothes and “shed” them. If we keep doing this, our room will eventually develop an odor.

Try not to get on your bed with dirty or sweaty clothes on. I know for some clothing like jeans and jacket, we won’t throw them in the laundry until we’ve used them a couple of times. You should at least hang them up to air them out a bit.

Look around the room

Look around the room. Do you have a chair full of used clothes? Maybe a sock under the bed?

Usually, it’s easy to recognize a smelly room because of how it looks. If it looks messy, it’s probably smelly as well. That’s why your mom always tells you to clean your room! It is necessary to clean up your room to avoid odors from developing.

Say bye to your carpet!

Why Does My Room Smell

I mean, you don’t really have to say goodbye to your carpet, but you might have to. 

Carpets carry a lot of odors - stinky feet, spillage, moisture from when you get out of the shower, etc. They collect dust and are prone to molds. They’re very high maintenance.

Ideally, you should vacuum daily or every other day, but reality doesn't always allow that, does it? Unless of course, you can keep it clean or have someone clean it for you, then why not?

If you don't like the idea of naked flooring, consider area rugs. They're easier to keep clean and add warmth to the room as well.

Open your doors and windows

Let fresh air in! It will literally blow away any bad odor. Also, sunlight can stop mold from developing. If you don't have a window, open up your door. Even if it only welcomes air from in your house, at least there is some air circulation. If the weather doesn’t permit open windows, consider an air purifier.

Keep your shoes out or away

Don't bring your shoes in your bedroom. If you bring them in, obviously, the smell comes along with it. Otherwise, keep them properly in a shoe cabinet in your closet.  

Do not mask the smell!

Think again before using a spray to mask the smell! It's only a temporary fix and sometimes it'll create an even weirder smell. You should only use those fragrances after you clean up!

Add some plants

Plants can brighten up the room. Did you know that they can also filter the air? There are many low maintenance indoor plants out there that can potentially do the trick. If you have children or pets, just make sure they are well-placed and safe. 

Why Does My Room Smell

Finally, you can enjoy your room! After cleaning up, light up a candle, sit back, and relax. Try a humidifier with essential oils for a relaxing and therapeutic effect. You can also find candles infused with essential oils that will set the mood of your room up. You can also put candles and wax melters to enhance the fragrance of your room, check  Devon Wick for more information.





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